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    • Couldn’t Jack have put on a shirt before he went downstairs to confront Ryan and Victoria? 😂    Loved HT’s early resting bitch face. 
    • I had already watched this episode in a playlist but it was fun to see it in HD. It was great seeing Victor and Jack co parenting and the Dacid fallout...but that ending seemed SO RUSHED with Nina, Cricket and Danny randomly reappearing alive at the end and I couldn't help but feel that Nina should have been the one to see David as he dies instead of Cricket. 
    • I've seen people increasingly vocal about so-called "liberal" MSNBC working very hard to defeat Biden and help Trump. I'm not surprised, as much of the media would literally sacrifice their families to get that man 4 more years so they can keep getting money and fawning 'resistance' coverage, but it's a sad state. I try not to compare the UK and the US too much, because it's too simplistic, but I can't help myself in this case as many voices in the UK media, including very tabloid friendly, daytime talk show host personalities, have been extremely aggressive with the government over this crisis, especially with the Dominic Cummings lockdown fiasco. Meanwhile, over here, we have so many in the media and so many on the left working feverishly to lock down Trump's power grab for good. 
    • Yeah he had issues with Brooke from the second he came on the show. His first story was teaming up with Stephanie to make Brooke think her father was dying so Brooke would leave town permanently. They paid off Stephen to pretend he was dying. 
    • I love ratings data, but I do question the highest ratings in two and a half years for The Price Is Right in May 1983. Maybe one and a half as I thought the Luke & Laura November 1981 episodes were in the 15-16 range.
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