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    • Him dragging that guy gives me much appreciation for Eric. 
    • Y&R is the worst that it has ever been right now. The stories are lifeless. The show is a trainwreck and a mess. I just saw the latest ratings and Y&R is number 3 in a couple of the demos, which is pathetic.  I DO love how Eric dragged that moron who plays Chance. Well deserved and well played by Eric. 
    • *dead from laughter*    Really though. This show is horrid. I have never seen Y&R this bad. Even in it's darkest of times before. I can't even watch anymore.  Ok. I love Eric now. And Victor. 
    • Gah, this show is like watching wallpaper dry.   also. [!@#$%^&*] them for hiring a Trump supporter. Bye Y&R just for that. This guy seems like a creep. 
    • After liberals on Twitter spent all day bitching about how much they hate Obama and how Obama is a sellout and wants them to lose, we get an election that shows exactly what he was talking about. John Bel Edwards is very conservative, but he's the right fit for Louisiana, and he will at least help some people in the state with his Medicaid expansion. His reelection also seems to have stopped a supermajority from happening in the stage leg.    Twitter liberals have become the new Beltway echo chamber. They only listen to themselves and are completely unfeeling toward actual human beings.    As for Trump, this was another example of just how much his ego takes precedence over common sense politics. He could have shaped this as being a win for him - saying Bel Edwards sucked up to him in order to win. Instead he made it into a personal loss. 
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