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    • Oftentimes, the NYTimes can be utter crap but boy, was it glorious to read an uncensored quote of "Fu*ck Trump" in black and white in a news article. Now that's actually all the news that's fit to print.
    • I REALLY liked the Ivana murder and had a soft spot for Maggie/Dylan. But in all fairness: the Jessica character was even dated in 1995... she was Y&R's Cricket in 1983 all over again. And the show had lots of interesting characters and overall good storytelling, but no real highlights after the classic Sheila showdown that CBS reaired this week. At least that's how I recall it 20+ years later.
    • Yes to all of your questions.   She’s been in for about a year (which has actually been two years in Salem time). Apparently her jealousy of Ciara was what pushed her over the edge and she tried to burn Ciara in a cabin, and framed Ben for it. Then when she was dating Tripp, she became jealous of him and Haley and tried to set them on fire too. When she was exposed, she realized she needed help and was sent to Bayview. But if you ask pretty much any poster on here, myself included, the storyline was written for no reason other than to prop Ben.
    • Yeah. Bill was the King of reusing plots until Ron Carlivati came along lol   The Eric/Brooke storyline is being posted by AmySilence and I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.  
    • What Maggie/Dylan/Jessica and Michael didn’t set the show on fire that summer? Just kidding!! I recall being interested in Ivana’s murder mystery but then we had that unfortunate scene of Anthony shooting Sally on her way to canasta night. Now Lisa from Saved by the Bell’s elevator plunge was kind of funny though. 
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