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    • I was waiting for someone to mention Tricia Quick. What a dumb disaster that was.    GH and its merry go round of tiny brunettes they tried to use as Brenda replacements.    Wasn't Genevieve around the time that MTS had actually cleaned out her dressing room? I remember an interview with Logan or Fairman where MTS basically says Genie was brought on as her replacement but it wasn't MAB's fault. The issue was above her.  https://ew.com/article/2011/06/10/melody-thomas-scott-young-and-restless/  
    • LMAO I'm weak, I can't 😂🤣    
    • This all makes sense but I was referring to the clunky comparative made to people living individual lives.  It is like writing, "not all people look good wearing yellow, but we all die sometime."
    • From my recent reading of the plot from SOD on tumblr   Yes, Patrick was single and left $50,000 to Sarah in his will, which Noel later stole to give to Eddie the night she whacked him with a wrench, (and seems like a pittance considering her sister Christina inherited a diamond when Patrick's late wife died, just for being a good friend).  Noel gave the money back to Sarah to fund the expansion of the motorlodge to include the new nightclub (a misguided idea by Tom that college students would want to go to a motel/disco).  Why Patrick allowed Sarah to continue to be abused by Eddie, and the particulars of why Michelle was put up for adoption, but Carter was raised by the Chapin family butler, were never explored.   Carter divorced Christina and married Marissa in Mexico.  But, Christina used her knowledge that Carter was with Eddie when Sonny the mobster was killed to get him to rip up the divorce papers (somehow the act of ripping the paper invalidated the divorce).  He later nullified his marriage to Marissa when he found out that he was a Chapin so that she would not have access to his new found wealth (even though he was specifically excluded from Patrick's will, somehow he gained controlling interest in the family's home and business).  Then, a few months later when thier blackmailer was presumed dead, Carter and Christina divorced for good.  From what I read here and elsewhere, Marissa disappears due to contract issues between the show and Patty Davis who played her, requiring one of the many Ritual recasts (she was President Reagan's daughter and a huge case of stunt casting).  SOD specifically noted that Jeff was adopted, (although at times he was referred to as Christina's stepson, there was no mention of a first wife for Carter), thus clearing the path for his affair with Noel.  However, it still doesn't resolve the fact that they grew up together as cousins, at least that GL cousin couple met as adults.   For me, the lasting question was the fictional ages of the characters.  Was Carter born before Taylor?  Was Julia older than Brady? Why was Mike so close in age to his nephew Tom?  The Hadden Hall faculty and staff was full of plot-convenient late in life children.    
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