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    • The Agnes Nixon shows were hard for me to get into, although Loving was bite-size and easy to dip in and out of. I imagine it was like a mini-AMC in its early days.
    • I had a problem with all these storylines. I loved Cecily/Nico but I noticed a trend with Agnes young couples one or both eventually leaves and it’s because she plays them too lighthearted. Actors wanna play the controversial/gritty stuff which a lot of her couples lack imo. And the couples that get the real soapy stuff she goes in the opposite direction  I.e. Ross chandler and Natalie.   Jack was too much of a blank canvas and that’s why he never worked with Erica imo. They needed to play up him being the black sheep and change his profession. And I wish he was more mean to Erica and ignored her.   Cliff/Angie: ummm.... I don’t think they needed Nina for this one. I felt like it was high time for them to go separate ways and choose other people. I don’t think TPTB was invested enough because of how quickly it was dropped. I personally wished they brought in some family for cliff who disapproves of Angie and  make it more office affair and bring their co workers into the mix, wasn’t Jeff Martin falling for Angie right before Debbi quit? Angie was a single mom they could’ve made her a mini Erica Kane stopping at nothing to reach her career goals and feed her child. And maybe even a little Jaded for losing her true love.   TBH I find Jeremy to be a very boring character but he was decent in his triangle with Erica and Natalie. I just thought it was kinda out of character for Erica to be advocating for her own sister to date her ex lover.   What if Noelle was secretly falling for Travis and it went all the way to her giving him the baby boy Erica always wanted.  And her cheating on Travis with Jack only for her Niece Julie to steal him right from under her.  I wanted a couple of years of Erica being the loser and have to act from her jealousy and desperation, imagine everybody around her succeeding in their careers and love life while her’s isn’t going nowhere?! That’s an Erica Kane I want to see.    Erica could have benefited from having family rivalries around long term, Kendal could have Been brought in later.    This. I love all of this. Any good writer could have made silver work long term there was plenty of openings. They just didn’t give it a real try imo. 
    • I have to go with the ABC soaps! I truly appreciate and have a lot of respect that they molded daytime to what it is, and got the most publicly out of the three networks. (Mainly because of Susan Lucci, and Luke and Laura etc..) but for as many times I’ve sampled episodes here and there I just can’t get into them like anything on CBS or even Days. I still respect how groundbreaking they were though! 
    • Round 2 indeed Toups! I also need it to go higher to break even. 
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