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Sunset Beach

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    • Covid (those face shields are useless) isn't helping, and neither is Cynthia wanting to host a potential super-spreader event for her third wedding.   But IMO production is the true culprit. I probably shouldn't comment because I haven't watched since episode 2 of the current season. However, I have long felt ATL is badly done by this current production team. Everything feels very surface and by-the-book. Rehearsed shade? Check. Outfit/glam watch? Check. That's about it. Cast members appear to be going through the self-produced motions. It feels jarringly edited at times, too.   I re-watched S6 and S7 a few months back. Woooo! What a breeze those were to watch. Not a wasted moment or comment. The show was fire, and it showed us EVERYTHING. Even the stuff Nene or Phaedra did not want us to see. With ATL the last little while, I'm not feeling the fire. I feel like this is a clock-in/clock-out job for everybody involved.   Maybe I just need to catch up when we get to the 'sex party' episode LOL
    • This is really cool. I’ve come to enjoy this Twitter account.   Three major characters debuted on this day back in 1982...    
    • From Costa Rica 🇨🇷         
    • yes! Applause for all angels! Edit: unfortunatlly the compression did not work. Will look for another way.
    • Nikki and every single person who generously shares content with the community all deserve a huge round of applause! Generous soap fans are truly a blessing!
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