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      As The World Turns Discussion Thread

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      As The World Turns Discussion Thread

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      DAYS: July 2021 Discussion Thread

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      Phyllis is Ready to Tackle Sally and Tara on ‘The Young and the Restless’ — SPOILERS

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    • j swift

      Lady Kitty Spencer is the kind of unfortunate name usually only reserved for soap opera characters.  It is hard to imagine that in 40 years someone will have to call her Granny Kitty.
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    • OzFrog

      It is a travesty that General Hospital is not miles ahead of Bold & The Beautiful in the ratings at the moment…
      · 1 reply
    • slick jones

      As social media users continue to bitch about Paulina and Chanel on Days... And now that OG Marla Gibbs will be on...

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    • Vee

      Waiting this long to finish the first 3 seasons of Borgen has been worth it - the wait for Season 4 next year(?) will be less excruciating. What a show.
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    • DramatistDreamer

      I am truly trying to keep my thoughts about Jeremy O. Harris to myself but he goes and says something utterly idiotic. I try to ignore his clownery.
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