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    • + 1 and good to read before I go back to sleep. lol.    If I wanted to add everything it would be this...I do not feel that Tanya never recovered from the Cookie Lady drama. While Kenya was wrong for that, it tainted Tanya who up to that point was all light and bubbly and smart. Going forward while her feelings for Kenya was justified, a heretofore cattiness popped up of her that was just ugly to me. I went from feeling she brought a fresh air to the show to respecting her, but slowly disliking her. It felt like she was dragging it out with Kenya more than Kenya dragging it out with her at the reunion and THAT was unflattering. Hopefully before Kenya strikes again, Tanya gets her halo back.   Yeah after rewatching the trailer, I agree with you re: Kandi. It isn't about the money. It''s about the time lost between father and daughter. And I think Riley is truly hurt over that. Thus Kandi is truly hurt over that. 
    • The doll is stupid af, but that triangle is basically a test pattern. One makes me roll my eyes, the other makes me start scrolling through my phone.
    • Compared to Thomas and the doll, Zende/Zoe/Carter triangle is gold ahah.
    • HA!!! That's exactly how I felt when I officially went back to work!!! After struggling with lockdown the first two weeks, I was resent AF to go back cuz I did get used to binging shows. I was shocked. 
    • ITA. Ever since Carlos King and his team left the show and we got the Tardy production crew, my emotional investment in RHOA has fallen dramatically.   I've tried hard to reconnect with the show, but Carlos for all his faults, was in these women's ordinary daily lives and picking up on all the cracks they didn’t want us to see    Since S10, I've felt that ATL is too much about the lewks and glam and it is verging on BH territory. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fashion as eye candy, but not as replacement for actual substantial stuff going on. Thank heavens the ATL women are funnier and sharper than the BH women, and that is what keeps the show going. It is also why I enjoy the reunions. On the show itself, I am finding the reads increasingly rehearsed. Again, I put the blame for the over-glam and scripted reads at the door of this particular production team. Even in this latest trailer, all the supposed 'unexpected' stuff like Mike putting his hand on the car cam, or Porsha creeping around a house on cc-tv seems a bit contrived to me.   Perhaps the fact that I am watching S6 ATL at the moment is spoiling my mood for current ATL. S6 is crammed full of so much stuff happening, and it is all real. Glam was incidental to the marriage and relationship drama.   Kenya was villainess but an enjoyable villainess, with human streaks, and there were checks and balances between all these women so that a lot of their worst impulses were checked. Now I see that Kenya has managed to run Tanya Sam off the show -- for a FOH, Kenya sure was threatened by her presence! -- which is a shame. I liked Tanya. She and Marlo could be peach-holders, but Bravo keep trying to cast semi-famous names who end up being duds. Or they make a bunch of FOHs fight it out, and after filming is done they re-edit the season around their eventual picks and it feels like gaps are missing when we watch.   As for Kandi, I get where you are coming from, but its the principle of the thing IMO. Even if Riley's dad pays a symbolic, modest amount each month, its about participating financially and sharing responsibility. Personally, I hate it more when I see Pipsqueak Todd -- who lives high on Kandi's money himself -- complaining about Kandi buying Riley stuff. It is none of his business tbh. He gets an allowance too!
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