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    • Mi pobre Latinos votando por su abuelo Bernie...yuck!
    • How do y’all know it’ll be Pence and not Ivanka or Nikki Haley as Trump’s running mate? I honestly feel any republican running can beat Bernie. Bernie is literally tweeting that he doesn’t need the Democratic establishment. His small base can’t overtake everybody and you can’t convince people to vote for you by constantly saying you don’t need them. 
    • A young legacy with decades of stories is killed. To give aging played out characters drama. Once that's over he will be forgotten. 
    • I'm in the minority but I loved Rusty and Johnny. 
    • I don't think Pence can beat Sanders. He has the charisma of a rock. I think back to the Romney vote on impeachment. Mark my words, he will be the choice. We can say it was a principled vote but it was also calculated. The GOP knows Trump is on his way WAY WAY down. Now come on Sanders is right now the frontrunner. As for Biden, the media bent over backwards for months at the expense of Castro, Booker , and especially HARRIS. This is Biden's third rodeo. If he sweeps the southern states he's easily back in the game. If he wins SC, I would love to see commercials with Bernie threatening to challenge Obama
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