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    • Is the show not allowed to show any David Hamilton flashbacks from the 70s?  Is there a rights and clearances issue?
    • POTOMAC   Well...since I'm up...lol.   I might have been meh about last week, but that was not the case this week.  Especially that last five minutes.   As the last international trip for any Housewives pre-Covid, it was much needed right now. And I liked that even with the drama and messy, we got a lot to see. Those rocks. That ocean. The race in the cars...I hollered at the Ashley Cam!!! It was nice to see them HAVE fun. Production might have paid for the trip, but if it was Ashley's idea for all the events...I wouldn't mind travelling with Ashley. She plans well.    Speaking of Ashley, we knew it was coming. We knew she would have to tell Candiace the truth about her writing the statement for Monique. Was it for revenge? Hmmm...funnily enough I would say no. She was reluctant to be mend fences with Candiace at the start of the season and already expressed then why she was. It was not until Candiace took some accountability and apologized the right way that Ashley gave her a chance. So I sincerely believed she did it because Monique is her closer friend and had a lot to lose vs Candiace. No brainer.   But it was the end for me. All this yelling. All of these folded napkins to the corner of her eye. All of those darn post-it notes. All of that and her playing the victim to the hilt. And all of it? AN ACT. La Dame gave us the tea and the producers backed it up by showing the statement that Candiace WROTE where she admitted to throwing...my bad 'releasing' the wine. Eagle eyes will see the sentence above that where Candiace wrote she grabbed Monique's vest that night. But...everyone continue to pick on Monique for not owning her side of things when she has. But Candiace definitely has not to the group, choosing to play victim when she in her own words are anything but.   And she wonders why Monique got the invite next week. Hm.   ASHLEY. You come a long way, girl. And as was pointed out to her last week, she was a pot stirrer. But this whole fight and season is showing that while that part of her is still in there, it has been softened, giving way to motherhood. She did what she thought was right. And OWNED it. I did not like that the other girls wanted to make it about 'assassinating' Candiace's character. Uh...NO. She was asked to give a character study on someone who has a history of having a violent temper, a mouth, and how said someone used both on her. Speaking from personal experience. It is not Ashley's fault there are receipts to back it up. As a mother, she understood especially now what Monique could lose by going to jail. She did the right thing.   GIZELLE. I can not begin to tell you how many times I said SHUT UP, GIZELLE last night. Seriously, bitter, bitter, bitter. Rather than focus on her life, she is too busy trying to mess up others. I did not like how she was winding up Candiace against Karen. I don't even know why when Candiace has proven she cannot be controlled. Gizelle is going to cause another mess.    ROBYN. Suuuuure likes to be dragged by La Dame. I was DEAD at 'you dressed like a whore on a street corner, but I didn't say it.' You are outmatched and need to focus on the IRS.     WENDY. Should I just call you Teddi and call it a day, I mean really?    CANDIACE. So all this time. All this time. She had been talking about anxiety pills...but wait...aren't you drinking? And is that not a no-no? Saying that, I couldn't help but wonder...(c)Carrie Bradshaw was anything real about Candiace? Or was it just an act to show to the court against Monique? If one has to question if anything about one was real, then probably nothing was. From the napkins to the mirror notes to saying how you are traumatized when you are grabbing vests...AND WRITING ABOUT IT IN A LEGAL DOCUMENT? From where I sat, La Dame just blew her out of the water...and she does not even know it. Yet. What made it sad...was she could have stopped all of this earlier. How? Owning her part. Maybe talking it out with Monique. Apparently Dr. Wendy and the Green Eyed Bandits would have her back. NOW? They might see her (okay not Wendy) would see her as a loose cannon and cut her loose before the new season starts filming in January/February allegedly.     KAREN. I saved the best for last. La Dame was on fire last night. We got to see her look great and getting along with Ray. We saw her having fun. And she was unbothered at these bandits coming from her, getting them together with ease, and that was when she gave them any attention at all. But the coup d'etat was the reveal. Oooooh that reveal. Last night revealed how much La Dame had Candiace back this whole time. We the audience knew she was being neutral supporting Monique. But people were thinking she was not supporting Candiace even though she checked with her as well. But wait!!! As she sat back while Candiace went on her victim tour what no one knew was that she had an IMPORTANT piece of information. An important piece of information that could change everything or expose a few people most importantly Candiace herself. But does La Dame use it? No. Why? More than likely because Candiace is her friend and she was trusting her friend would evenly do the right thing and take some accountability for her own part in the fight. La Dame even sat back for weeks and let herself be attacked by said friend as well as the other girls knowing she knew what was in that statement. And what does the friend she covered for do? Own it? NO. Candiace has done NOTHING. Which shows the other part of the reveal...the girls don't know, but the AUDIENCE now does. And that brings us to the second part of the reveal...we see you. We see Candiace for who she is. and that...is far from innocent. But what does one expect, but comeuppance when one decides to come for the Queen...   And that promo next week...well...this episode lit the match...and now the stage was set...for Monique to return...hmmm...is it chess we are playing...?    
    • Did they also de-SORAS David at this point? I know Marx is five years younger than Guthrie, but it does seem like he's more appropriate as Julie's son at that point. (And again, it also just shows what a mess the early rapid SORAS of both David and Mike was)
    • How funny. I was about to slowly turn in and realized that I've been so busy today with me feeling my holiday schedule and saw the post. And I realized that Ashley wasn't on the age list, and I was shocked by two things:   1) Ashley is STILL the youngest.   2)Ashley and I SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. WOW. THAT explains so much. Hehe.   Yes, POTOMAC does bring out a lot of insightful posts. And given how that scene went down last night. And the tea that the audience knows, but Candiace, Gizelle, Robyn, and Wendy do not...very clever, what a twist, and it was like the producers went out of their way to expose ALL OF THEM. It just made me think of your comments at the Sig and See when Karen just sat back and observe, but there was so much going on in her looks. Given last night's look and her dropping that tea on the audience, I wanted your take on La Dame for sure.   I want to say the fact that Karen had this knowledge, but did not tell them is the reason she invited Monique to the Wig party next week. Could it be La Dame even reveal what she knows then, exposing Candiace? Things to make you go hmmmm...?
    • Wow, thanks, Taoboi. 😊 The truth is, I come on here to read the rest of you all's opinions about Potomac! Potomac brings out a lot of great posts. I should warn you that my eyes were ~blinded~ by Gizelle's highway hooker look (the invitation said 'dominatrix', but clearly Gizelle didn't get that memo). So I may have missed some things.   In any case, my feelings are unchanged. Karen and Ashley don't give a single f*ck what any of the women think of them, and they are not here for Gizelle, Robyn, Candiace, Wendy's agenda-driven camera-work.   Like Kyle Richards, Candiace has found her sweet spot as professional victim. I see Bravo has trotted out an After Show segment entitled 'Candiace Explains Her Pain.' In the words of Ramona:   Candy Ass won't stop saying Monique belongs in jail. That is the reason Ashley agreed to a statement, and the reason Candy Ass does not have the audience's unconditional support. "Every morning I wake up wondering what she's going to say about me!" Ironic considering the way Candiace goes Cujo on Twitter. I bet a number of people, including Ashley, felt similarly about Candiace's social-media attacks.   Gizelle has been setting up Karen all through this trip. The irony of Gizelle saying Karen 'picked the wrong side.' Honey, unfortunately, you are not as clever as you think you are. We See You.   I was almost enjoying Wendy (and her fashion) until the last 5 minutes. Total dumbass. Next week, too. Why is this loud mouth, who only joined the show 5 minutes ago, acting like she knows everything about everybody? Sit your thirsty ass down!   Robyn is a bully's sidekick, and that's all she is. She will kick you when she thinks nobody else is looking. She has no real agenda, but will piggyback on everybody else's because she loves a gang-up.   As for the age BS about Karen, this is the same sh!t Rinna pulled with LVP for years. I personally love a mixed cast in terms of age, race, background, etc. The age difference between Karen and Gizelle is smaller than the one between Giz and Robyn. And Robyn acting like she's some trendy youngster when she is no spring chicken herself.   Karen - 57 Gizelle - 50 Robyn - 41 Monique - 37 Wendy - 36 Candiace - 33
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