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    • Dallas   Why did I not know they added an Asian housewife?
    • I'm wondering if Brandi's video will be discussed with Tiffany in the cast.   Tiffany seems like a Leeann...but one that's stable.  Kary vs Tiffany looks interesting 
    • I am not a big Jason fan, but Steve Burton isn't half bad.  I have said this before, but he generally has the ability to create chemistry with his female leads.  He does really well with characters like Brenda and Carly where he can play the straight man and voice of reason.  I loved him with Robin, but him and KeMo are boring.  I get that they are popular, but they literally have been devoid of any energy for about 10 years or so.  But I have never been a KeMo/Sam fan.  She's just so bland and I always see her as a Brenda rip off.   As for Sonny, I like MB/Sonny more than most.  I loved him in the 90's.  Labine really knew how to write Sonny as a grey character that was still likable.  We knew he wasn't the best guy but he had redeeming qualities (his caring for Stone, his love for Brenda).  He wasn't a hero, but he wasn't a villain either.  The problem is he is a hero now.  And honestly, him and Carly might be more boring than JaSam.   I know Mo has problems sparking with his female leads, but Carson might have anti-chemistry with each other.  Plus, MB's acting has just gotten worse.  It's crazy to watch 90's Sonny.  He doesn't mumble or stutter and he does really good work.  MB is extremely charismatic and charming and now I don't see that at all.
    • I just saw the trailer - I think it looks pretty fun and interesting!  The ladies seem to be themselves without fearing the Locken.  Tiffany also seems to fit in really nicely and she seems funny.  It looks like Kary vs. Tiffany, but then also D'Andra and Brandi.  I'm ready for their return!   https://www.etonline.com/the-real-housewives-of-dallas-season-5-trailer-is-here-exclusive-157013
    • Dallas trailer dropped today and it was pretty.... boring? I get Leanne became incredibly toxic over the last few seasons and was rightfully dropped after the racist comments, but they now basically don't have a villain anymore? And why was Kary brought back, she gave us nothing last season. At least we still have Momma Dee.   And why are all the new housewives acting like they own the show from the start? Wendy on RHOP and it seems Tiffany on Dallas.
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