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    • Flashback to that time Tom hit Travis over the head with a barbell  
    • Honestly, I see all four still on the air in 2025, if only because the networks STILL won't have anything to replace them.  If even one show goes, it'll be because that network has given up the ghost and ceded the airtime back to the affiliates.
    • Damn. If only the drama was as good onscreen as it apparently is behind the scenes. 
    • These women are a mess.    For one, Tanya blew the whistle on herself. Kenya provided the rope, and Tanya hung herself and Porsha.    I am glad that Marlo and Kenya aren't the only ones that heard Porsha's activities as people love to deem them as liars. Kandi coming clean about hearing the antics just solidified it. And this "girl code" bull only applies when you are friends. Porsha and Kenya are not friends, so anything goes.    LaToya and Kenya... weird. That relationship is weird to me.    Drew hung herself tonight too by lying to her husband about being at Porsha's. It makes me think something more is going on in that chaotic marriage. I can see that marriage imploding next season if Drew returns. Ralph and Drew lie too much to each other.    Overall, this was another good episode. Now I feel like the season is starting to take off. I think we are in a treat for the second half of the season.    I just hope that LaToya is bumped up to full-time along with Falynn and Sheree is brought back full-time too. This show needs to stack with the cast with as many heavy hitters as possible.     
    • I tell you Susan Banks will wind up with him. Charlie will have memory loss and tell Charlie his name is Elvis. Charlie won't believe her and shell tell him that she's his mother Sami and he is her gay son Will Horton. Charlie thinking he is Will will whore it up with ever gay and bi male in Tennessee.😂
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