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    • I couldn't have seen BD's Jill nor Katherine team up against Nina during the initial Nina is pregnant story and post Philip's death story.   I also couldn't have seen  ED's Ashley married to Victor in the early 90s at least what played out on screen.  Brenda's Ashley stood up to Victor, gradually became close to Victoria, and promptly left Victor once he admitted still feeling something for Nikki.  ED's Ashley would have been too needy and indecisive when it came to Victor.   On the other hand, I couldn't see ED nor Shari S.'s Ashley being duped by Blade and his twin.  Though Brenda gave a knockout performance as she broke down once she realized the deception (even using violation and rape in her rant.)
    • Agreed. Everyone appeared to be having fun and were very engaging. I also loved Jim Storm explaining his OLTL stint as Dr. Larry Wolek and how his brother Michael replaced him. 😊
    • Yes. Joel Crothers was very ill and passed not too long after that. Kirk was Jack's foster son and carried on his duties as the Capwell lawyer - and of course took a shine to Eden.
    • I loved the latest reunion...all 4 had worked together, Kim was subdued and allowed others to talk (you could tell she and Jada liked one another), and there were lots of fun tidbits dropped from all of them.   Jada had some fun tidbits sprinkled in, as well as Kim/Jim/nicolas.   After how much Jada was railroaded by Ms. Hubbard...I was glad she got to come back to do another reunion and share more about her memories of the show, etc.
    • LEEEESSSSSSSSLEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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