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    • ^^ I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. The Sugden family have been treated like an afterthought for years. It breaks my heart though to think about the kind of send-off Annie will get compared to the one she deserves..... I wonder if Ryan Hawley (or maybe Karl Davies) will appear as Robert at least?  But naturally Elizabeth Estensen won't be able to appear,  or Christopher Chittell. And even if they wanted to neither Frederick Pyne nor Jean Rogers will be able to either. (Not that I think that anyone in charge at Emmerdale nowadays would even entertain the idea to include Matt and/or Dolly. It's doubtful they even know how important they were in Annie's life)   I will honour Annie in my own way, by watching old episodes on Youtube.        
    • Yep, and we see the exact reason right there why Nikki hates Sharon’s guts so much - they’re actually so much alike in so many ways.   Yes it is in the recent clips from 1983 that were uploaded to the vault. She certainly made a contribution, as did everybody in that scene.
    • August 10, 1984 (partial)  Excerpts (November 5, 1987) 
    • @I Am A Swede thought you'd want to know (or anyone else who wants to read the spoiler) that
    • Yeah, it's a bit odd since I don't really understand how her pregnancy was such a huge deal then. I'd get it if she had just turned 18 and out of high school, but she's in her 20s? Yes, 22 is still young to have a kid, but not THAT young. It would make more sense if she was closer to Sami's age when she had Will.
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