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    • This thing has so many clips from the first decade that I've never seen before! I had no idea what I was sleeping on. It's so nice to see more of the Erica/Nick relationship - I'd only ever seen Mona walking in on them and then Nick giving her his final kiss-off. What a volatile match they were, especially since their mutual dislike of one another had to have been simmering for years by the time they actually got together. I say it all the time, but look, I'm just gonna say it again. I WANT MORE OF THIS SHT. Lord, they even have some Erica vs. Sara Kingsley in this. I'm outdone.
    • For whatever the reason, John Conboy considered sprucing up his new show’s opening a priority. Conboy touted the show's new opening "wanted to capture the essence of the classic Knots Landing theme from the 80’s," but of course whoever produced it was too lazy/cheap to get it right or whatever ideal opening they had in mind. I’m aware that one of the people involved in creating the opening threw a hissy fit of sorts after seeing it dissected on the old WOST message boards. (Of course, if you really worked hard, should you be bragging about how easy it is to change the opening by going on to your hard drive?)    I definitely agree with you on the lighthouse or some form of light should at least be seen in GL's openings, just like the hourglass on Days or the globe on ATWT(it was a bit jarring not seeing it in space from 2002-09 though).    Worst GL opening was that 2007 destiny BS IMO. 
    • God I love Erica 😂
    • It's a long story YT channel has the episode where everyone finds out that John and Lucinda eloped, it's fantastic!
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