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    • When she left it felt a little weird to me....I remember her posting a video of her walking into the studio and saying this was her last day after all of these years...but she's come and gone before and it didn't really seem final to me.  So I'm thinking maybe her plan wasn't to totally leave. 
    • No ATWT is crazy.  The number of people that came off of that show to film and TV and even music is crazy - I can think of Julianne Moore, Steven Webber, Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan, Lauryn Hill, Jason Biggs, Parker Posey....I'm sure there are others...and the social impact storylines, along with the other elements other people posted.  Lisa was known for being the first daytime person to need a bodyguard....I heard an interview with her around when they were cancelled and she mentioned a woman on the street came up and slapped her...asked if she was Lisa Miller and she said, Yes, I play her on As the World Turns, and she said "I hate you" ansd slapped her.  And CBS got her a bodyguard...
    • He is a despicable human being with not a single good/redeeming quality.  And he knows it and that people hate him and that's what really digs at him.  His whole life is a joke and he will go down as the most hated President ever.  That'll be another record for him to hold.  Everything with him has to be the most, the biggest, the best, etc. even though it's not - but he will get the most hated President ever title.  His supporters can cheer all they want but they have turned the world's opinions of us so far negative it will take years to recover.  Maybe it's because I work for a European/German company and maybe others do not - but people in other countries think he's nuts and that we are all stupid for having elected him.   And what really burns me up with him is his sudden China and trade being unfair when that's where he sourced most of the materials for his construction and Ivanka's clothing line was made there.  I know because I looked at the tags.  So they're all for getting their things done with China to make their money but don't want others to. 
    • Good Lord...and to think, there are other children and families enduring something similar, albeit older children...like toddlers.  Just inexcusable for any society that prides itself on respecting civil rights and civil liberties.  
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