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    • Joseph Mascolo had a role on Days in 1968 before  he was cast as Stefano. He was also on other soaps but when he came to Days it was always inferred that this was his first time on daytime and it was a coup for Days to have him.
    • Not to take away from that but I was just thinking how he ended up pretty much destroying Molly as a character as after his exit everything given to her was terrible, aside from her 2010 return, which I thought was surprisingly strong.
    • I remember hearing Martha Byrne especially campaigned to get him fired after that "incident." 
    • Sigh.   I'll probably catch hell and everything else for revealing this information, but since it's come up several times in the past in this and other threads -- why not?   Tom Eplin's departure from ATWT had nothing to do with contracts being up, or anything of that nature.   The truth is, he ran into some trouble BTS with one or two actresses on the show.  Specifically, he behaved badly -- VERY badly -- during an all-night wedding shoot (IIRC).   Out of respect for the actress(es), I won't name names.  But, let's just say it was a #MeToo/#TimesUp kind of situation.     Molly's being a house guest of Bob and Kim's after the church bombing (it was a church bombing, right?  And Lucinda led everyone in song, right? Or was I high when all that happened?) had a lot to do with that as well.  I mean, it probably helped to make the audience more sympathetic toward her.
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