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    • I agree with this 100%. And I've seen some of those real life pics on Twitter, (Especially since some of them constantly attack him his looks.) And they do not need to be talking about anybody's looks. What's extra strange is that some of them are heavier than he is, and you would think they wouldn't be attacking another person's weight. But for whatever reason they want to eat their own. I can understand there are people that don't like his acting, but there's no need to constantly slam him based off his looks/weight. Some of the same people doing this were upset when people were doing this to Beth Maitland on Y&R. (Which I undersatnd and she didn't deserve to be treated like that). But don't have a problem treating Freddie like that. Nobody should be treated like that, IMO.   Plus, I noticed whenever he's thinner, some of these people don't be saying anything about him good or bad. But once he starts gaining weight again, They are back to attacking him. A lot of the criticism aimed at him is very shallow IMO, and a lot of people largely hate on him because they don't find him attractive. (Even if a lot of people also criticize his acting skills as well).
    • Especially, at this point, when they're paying everyone with Universal Studios Hollywood coupons anyway.
    • Maybe Genie Francis or Tony Geary?  I know both have histories of substance abuse.
    • Seriously, though, he looks old enough to be Tricia Cast's love interest, not her son.   Y&R's casting department needs a SERIOUS overhaul.
    • Like the "wake up" call he got when he was taken out of the studio on a stretcher because he was so messed up?     Tyler is an addict and needs to seek long term treatment.  I really hope someone can intervene.  
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