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    • Global has episode #11720 for CBS to air on from July 10, 2020   IMDB has wrong date/episode number correlations for 2019 and 2020. The correct date/episode correlation for this one is: #11720 from July 3, 2019 Devon and Elena go to the carnival as their first official date. (Devon says their attempted date at the grand opening of "Society" restaurant doesn't count because that was the night that Neil died).  Victor is ill and Victoria is running the business, but Nikki catches Victor looking at some paperwork, so she pulls him away to spend time having fun at the carnival. (The rest of the episode is Adam/Phyllis, Nick/Chelsea, and Theo with a hungover Summer.). Ugh. http://tvmegasite.net/updates/yr/2019/yr-07-03-19.shtml
    • I'll give cred to Ron for at least using DAYS's history in various ways.   As for another gun-toting drama... I swear the prop department spent their last pennies on that prop gun and they're gonna use it!
    • Thanks !! I had never seen Vanessa’s fall before ! 
    • That doesn't sound like too much to ask.  Hell,  that's practically the procedure to take your kid to preschool (Not really, but there is a temperature check and questions every day). If people want the privilege of going to another country, they need to get it through there heads that they aren't special and they need to comply with the rules. We would be a lot better off if everyone in this country got that through their thick heads. I just can't believe how blind and stupid some of these folks are while calling the rest of us sheep. Meanwhile, our numbers keep ticking up in the U.S.
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