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    • +1   The whole show is a big nothing burger.    Not showing Nate's hearing was the biggest indication tor that the whole things being half done. I would say budget reasons but they hired a named actor for this Chelsea story.  So my guts says they just didn't want to spend the money on those particular characters.    Speaking of Lauren and Michael, can someone please explain to me why they aren't allowed to hsvrstort?           
    • "The grave you're digging for Stephanie Lankcaster will be the grave. You. Rot. In"   I'd start a drinking game for everytime Stephanie Lankcaster says her own name, but I'd like to keep my liver.
    • No,that's not being played and it's to the detriment of these characters. Moreso, Nate than Devon since Devon is established already. That was my earlier complaint....maybe I didn't explain myself well enough.    They seem to find money for the hospital when they want to put victor or Lola in the bed. Lol   If the show us going to have full time characters as doctors, they need to have consistent medical drama to accompany that. Much like they manage to have constant crime when they have someone they care about working in the police station. 
    • Sounds good @Khan and @Soapsuds!   I'd watch.
    • Julianne Moore immediately comes to mind. She had done two heavy-duty storylines nearly back to back on ATWT, the second storyline, for which she played two roles at once, one, Sabrina in which she had to affect a nifty British accent.  I think that was enough to get her noticed by casting directors, since it was the late 1980s when soap actors were still on the radar of casting agents and directors.  When Moore was nominated for, an eventually won her Daytime Emmy (way before the Daytime Emmy became something a participation prize) in 1988, Moore had already left ATWT and was doing prime time TV as well as theater.  Within two years, Moore got critical attention for doing Vanya on 42nd Street.  Moore did some work that was less than award-winning during that time too but she became a steady working actress and by the time she did Robert Altman's Short Cuts in 1993, ATWT entered the beginning of a period marked by BTS upheaval, which was reflected in the writing.   I think Moore got out just in time, while her character still had a place on the canvas and the actress on a critical high.   Moore's former fellow castmate and distant cousin Marisa Tomei, who I'm not sure whether she left or just got squeezed out at ATWT, also left at a good time, I think. Within a year of her final appearance on the show, Tomei got a primetime sitcom gig on A Different World (a role, oddly enough, for which fellow former castmate Meg Ryan was originally considered for) which, even though her character Maggie Lawton was cut from the show, Tomei soon made a name for herself on Broadway and eventually My Cousin Vinny. Like I said, I don't know with her leaving the show was of her own volition but the timing turned out to be right, in the end.
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