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    • Now that most of the “Jack works at a homeless shelter” story has been posted in the clips, I’m curious – what are people’s impression of the story?   I watched the original airings as a teen and assumed that this story would be used to “humanize” / “redeem” Jack… but that didn’t wind up being the case… he just went back to his scheming dastardly ways in ’87.   Do you think this was just one of Bill Bell’s “summer social issue” stories... or maybe it was originally intended to redeem Jack but then later they decided to go another route… or…?  
    • I thought Renee was a great actress - her work in the Ellie/Craig/Sierra saga is strong, as is her material with Brock. When I was a kid I liked her, and her pairing with Kirk...as I get older, I feel that it is a bit forced, and the work Renee does with the abortion story near the end of her run shows where her true talents were. Her "comedy" moments with Kirk can at times come across like a space alien who has to base their idea of human humor on what is downloaded into their computers.    I'm just glad I did not see any of the Ellie/Kirk/Iva story at the time, as I loved Iva and I would have had no way of getting past that type of plot. Retroactive opinion of Iva tends to be negative, but she did have her share of fans, and Lisa Brown always played the heartbreak to a tee (maybe a little too well for her own sake...).   In some ways allowing Kirk and Ellie happiness after breaking Iva's heart was transgressive by ATWT standards (I know there were extenuating circumstances). Choices like that, and the Meg/Josh pairing *, seem to be the breaking point where Marland seemed to take over such a central command of the show that its longtime mores were no longer as influential on the plotting.    * (I do wonder if the strike writers had any influence on that though, as that whole plot was so seamy and explosive by Marland standards)
    • But the responses were awesome. Including reporting the tweet and placing phone numbers to contact for election interference.
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