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    • Yes, Bill was fond of her ever since they met
    • RHOA   Finally!!! Lol. I watched last week and this week's episodes back to back. And what stood out? Well, Production gave it away last week. They knew who they were aimed at just looking at her reaction shots to Kenya's Bolo Court. But this week? TANYA let it out of the bag.   Ever since the Cookie Lady situation, Tanya really has not been the same to me. Kenya did taint her after she was a breath of fresh air in her first season. And for me, she never recovered. Especially given how she came across in the virtual reunion last year aka thirsty AF. Funny given her bubbly personality. So when rumors surfaced that Strippergate would be pointed at her, I would have thought that she would be fought against it or came across with some kind of dignity. I even thought that maybe Porsha would defend her friend tonight given she could have used the 'I'm single and that's ALL you heard' excuse. Instead, she shot herself in the foot. I was with Kandi on that one...why put yourself at the scene of the crime?   Cuz she did it. However, her mistake...was not owning it then or having a good abili. And it looked like it is going downhill from here for her. Short term, Kenya WON. Long term, Tanya was collateral damage in their new feud.    With that said...   KENYA. I wish I could say I didn't feel something about it...but sorry. Tanya never recovered in my eyes from the reunion. And she made the mistake tonight of coming for Kenya when Kenya did not send for her. And Kenya clapped back with the quickness. And did it well since it made Tanya slipped up and 'confess.' She should have...for better or worse...pulled a RHOP Ashley and owned it. Yeah, it took Ashley's years to do it, but Ashley did. Tanya did NOTHING, but bury herself. Don't go for the Queen. So...KENYA WON. But...karma gathered Kenya up real quick by the end of the episode with Marc filing for divorce. Le sigh. And even I have to wonder if the reason Kenya is coming for Porsha now is because Porsha made out with her girl crush Latoya. Another layer to why they are feuding.   PORSHA. While I continue to enjoy seeing Porsha see her worth and seeing her growth cuz old Porsha would have dragged Kenya again rather than walk away, I was saddened she did not stick up for Tanya more. And yes, Porsha...you deserve more than a hot dog.    DREW. Ha at her trying to make her man jealous. How @NothinButAttitude feels about SLC Heather is how I feel about Drew right now though. I see her. And she is doing a very good job of hiding it...that she is working for her peach by coming for Kenya and being messy. She's doing it in a way where it is barely noticeable. But eagle eyes notice it. And growing close to Porsha to make sure she can continue to hide her hands while she pot stirs. Clever. And then she has her drama with her man who soooo reminds me of NJ's Amber's Jim. He is just as thirsty. And just as much trouble. Wanting to be jealous when he is just as bad. Even if Drew is a one and done, I expect them to wind up on one of those MARRIAGE CAMP shows.   KANDI. I was with her the whole time. People were showing their backsides. And so was she! lol. Her chat with Don Juan when she was just saying that they should not be talking about the bachelorette party was funny. She was being messy.    CYNTHIA. Comic relief this time around. And Mike was hilarious.    Good episode. Bless this mess. 
    • Stephanie' s look  was beautiful and she was charming  in 1987 and half of 1988 , her syle, make up clothes... wow!!! She was stunning. Then she or Bell changed it. I don't know why. Even her hair syle , color changed. I don't say she wasn't beautiful that way. But she was gorgeous and something happened then her look changed. Maybe Susan's personal decision it was. I don't know. Bell could have used Stephanie's beauty, but never did. B&B had beautiful cast , and Bell used them but Stephanie's affair or romances went short. ... Bill & Margo was boring for me. Bill had always interests on Stephanie. That was cute to watch  I can't wait for rewatching
    • Thanks to all who upload in 1991 @sheilaforever @ladynerry so it is not only me sho thinks Stephanie and Bill have chemistry  I am still at the beginning of 1991 but i cannot wait to see again the scnene when Bill kissed Stephanie telling her he is her lover lol Bill always had Stephanies back - the story with Morgan, when Stephanie wanted her to lose the baby It was intersting that Bell decided to bring Bill back for Stephanie and Eric's wedding in 1997.  It is pitty that Bill sr. did not have any good story, although it was funny when he dated Darla i think in 1993? 
    • I've always liked to watch episodes of 90s. Nice and rare stories we had. Sally's pregnancy, Taylor& James, Taylor& Omar , Stephanie's homeless stories were amazing. I agree with you I wish we had Bill & Steph story much more. But Bill's decision was focusing on another stories. For example I never understood why Brooke married Eric. It was clear She didn't love him ....   Btw Thank you so much for new episodes from 1991😍
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