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    • Why does everybody think she’s connected to Finn or Chase? I’m about a week behind so I’m not sure where all this news is coming from. 
    • Me too.    NGL, I loved Mindy and Rusty together. The way he'd call her "short stuff".😄 They were fiery.
    • @Chris B It really does feel like the last good season in some ways. OC seemed to be trying to become something else, something it is not, in S13. I can't explain or put my finger on how, it just felt.... different.   The trailer does look kind of juicy. There was a moment there that it gave me a sort of Vancouver vibe. I know people are uncertain about the role religion(s) play in these women's lives, or the fact that Utah isn't that well-known as a state, but i'm looking forward to this rather unique vibe. I've been to both SLC and Park City, the locales are stunning. Also, it's a heartland state, not a coastal one, and that's different from some of the other franchises. Also the cast is truly mixed in terms of background, religion and race, which hasn't really been Bravo's M.O. up until now.
    • Chris Wallace says "I never dreamt that it would go off the tracks the way it did." NYTimes interviewed him a few hours after the debate. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/30/business/media/chris-wallace-debate-moderator.html   If a paywall is in the way, there is a copy of the same article here: https://archive.is/1W3fX
    • I’m happy to see y’all praising season 12 of RHOC, their last good season! Replacing Lydia and Peggy with Emily and Gina killed the franchise imo. I’m so thankful Salt Lake City is coming because I will not be watching this upcoming season.    Speaking of, we have a super trailer for Salt Lake City. This looks *amazing* and much better than I anticipated. I also love the graphics for the opening with the snowflakes.        I feel like this could be another Potomac in terms of coming out of nowhere and just being amazing. This has a style of its own and these women seem very open to showing their lives if these trailers are anything to go by. I was stunned to see them openly say Mary is sleeping with her grandpa lol. I can’t wait!  

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