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    • He had some slime ball chemistry with Karen, and back in the day I thought he and Genie Francis had quite a bit of chemistry.  And the show would never have gone there back then or now probably.  But it was there.   I felt the Steve and Audrey thing when they started showing that kitchen set.  Of all the characters to start having kitchen scenes?!?  At what point in time have we ever been given an idea that Carly cooks anything?   LW has had chemistry with several pairings except this one, I will never understand giving them another child and marrying them.  They have zero heat.  Tony and Bobbie had more heat, and I found them to be the most boring couple on the show for ages until they broke them up.
    • BTS fans have learned how to game the system so well that BTS is going to end up with the most No. 1s in history if BB doesn’t significantly change methodology.    
    • It did seem like they were going somewhere with it and then it was dropped.  She definitely was his type but it would have been the same old story.  Affair with a Brenda lookalike then back to Carly.  I don't really need that.  She would have been in a long line of temporary love interests that Sonny has had.  And they had some chemistry but nothing that wowed me.  Honestly, the only women I think Sonny's had chemistry with are VM, SJB, TB, and Megan Ward as Kate.    Think of how many love interests he's had besides them.  That is a problem for sure.
    • Dallas looks solid! I had to roll my eyes when Brandi said she contemplated suicide. That’s a damn lie. She knew when she racked Leaanne over the coals that she had done that. People called her out online for it. She’s just trying to avoid responsibility by making herself the victim in this situation. If she were truly sorry she’d apologize fully and we’d see footage of her growing, not making excuses. I’m glad Tiffany will be around to let her have it.    One good thing is that they didn’t show Jen in the trailer and rumor has it she’s a part of major drama. I love when they don’t show everything in the trailer. They showed just enough to make me want to watch!
    • A nice retrospective from Doug Davison, including a rare scene with Erica Hope as Nikki...  
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