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    • I must be on a totally different wavelength because I have yet to hear any single person say that they will vote for Kanye. People are talking about 'splitting the Black vote' as if Black voters are stupid and fall for anything, when the majority of donors and financial supporters of conmen like Shaun King are white, who continually ignored the warnings of black women and continue to contribute to that fraudsters.  Black voters are not stupid and we are not a monolith.
    • So the hospital scenes I was thinking about for Michelle's amnesia storyline actually happened in 2004 although her amnesia continued into 2005.    This was the hospital set on GL in May 2004   This is the hospital some months later in March 2005  
    • Part of me was shocked when I first saw the headline yesterday but TPTB hadn't know what to do with Kristian since Peter Reckell left the show. It's sad that Bo had viable love interests during his time of being without Hope. But with Bo gone she was stuck with Aiden and Rafe. I always wanted Peter Blake to come back and slowly fall for her much to the envy of Jennifer. Yeah I know that it won't never happen. But I think at least it would've taken the character into another direction.    Kristian going does free up some funds to perhaps build another set or bring in one or two characters onto the canvas.    Someone said on Twitter that it seems like Corday is about to sell the show? (I'm not sure)    I think we're getting more exits as well. 
    • I'm always going to sort of want to see more of Jack and Jennifer...I don't know why as they have been so badly written for so long and I don't even know what their current material is.    As for Kristian, a part of me is surprised she didn't stay to the end, as the end must not be far off honestly, but I guess this year has caused a lot of reflection about spending more time in such a grueling job.
    • Well hello there Mike 😍
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