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    • Never understood all the hoopla about JH, in acting or looks. CS can do better.
    • I had some complaints when I first heard about the TimeJump, but now when I've watched it my problem isn't the jump itself. It's that I find the stories... boring. I actually enjoyed most of the stories that were playing out through the summer and fall so the TimeJump was unnecessary at this time for me.
    • The general election in the UK is only a few days away. By most polling, Boris Johnson is favored to get a majority, or very close. It's been dispiriting to see that much of the UK media seems to be as in the tank for him as the press is for the GOP here.    The latest moment happened yesterday, when a story about Johnson not wanting to see a photo of a child who had to sleep on the floor of the NHS was almost immediately brushed aside by coverage of claims that Labour activists punched a Tory adviser.  This all turned out to be BS, but the damage was done.     
    • Despite the creative reputation of a show like Passions, Lisa was beloved within the industry. Actors, directors, writers, and follow producers all loved her. She's one of the few people a bad word was never spoken about. Gone way too young. RIP.      
    • Leonard from Singapore 🇸🇬                 
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