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    • I love that the press and the industry look at "one" thing as if it was the magic ingredient and not look past it. The show had Beth and Lujack but it was a multigenerational ensemble show about 5 closely entwined families. Nobody "took" over...yes, even Reva in her hey day. Long was on fire just introducing iconic character after iconic characters. Its funny that Kobe said "Not yet" as the ratings dropped soon with the cast and focus changes.
    • Nobody watched? Wife walks in on husband in bed in hotel room. She says where is she...I know you are cheating on me. Husband denies it. She hears the shower running and races to the bathroom and opens the shower door only to discover another man naked in the shower.    Wife to husband: Eres gay??!! Runs out of the hotel room with husband chasing her.
    • MELINDA CLARKE ON HER FATHER JOHN CLARKE'S PASSING... "With much sadness I’m sharing that John Clarke my father my mentor passed as I sang to him. He is at peace. Death is as much a part life as birth. He is in peace."   MAREE CHEATHAM COMMENTS...   "I was very sorry to hear of John Clarke's passing. He played my Horton big brother on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I lift his family up into the healing light of love!"   https://twitter.com/mareecheatham/status/1186716247632662528             Mickey marries Maggie...   Episode # 2055   Air Date: Friday, January 25, 1974   ACT FOUR   (FADE IN: INTERIOR FARMHOUSE PARLOR. OPEN ON TIGHT SHOT OF MAGGIE, WITH WEDDING VEIL. SHE IS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. UNDER, WE HEAR: SOUND OF SOFT ORGAN MUSIC. DO A SLOW PULL BACK TO SHOW MAGGIE ON STOOL, IN HER LONG DRESS, HER APPEARANCE ALMOST SPIRITUAL FRAMED AGAINST FLOWERS AND THE SOFT, FLICKERING CANDLES. CONTINUE TO PULL BACK AND SHOW MRS. JENNINGS AT ORGAN, AND THE REVEREND JENNINGS BEHIND THE FLOWER-BANKED ALTAR AREA, A TABLE WITH BIBLE, CANDELABRAS, ETC... HANK STANDS NEAR MAGGIE. NOW MICKEY WALKS THROUGH THE PARLOR DOOR, STOPS, REACTS TO THE SIGHT OF HIS BRIDE-TO-BE. THEN HE WALKS TO HER SIDE, SHE SMILES RADIANTLY AT HIM, HIS EYES ARE BRIGHT WITH LOVE AND ADMIRATION. THE MUSIC STOPS.) REV. JENNINGS: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered today to witness a wedding between Margaret Simmons and Marty Hanson. And as a wedding present to you, Marty, your bride-to-be has written the ceremony words. (MICKEY LOOKS AT MAGGIE, SHE SHYLY SMILES AT HIM. NOW, SOFTLY, UNDER THE WORDS, MRS. JENNINGS PLAYS "THE LILAC TREE" AND "I LOVE YOU TRULY", IF THERE IS TIME. AS THE MINISTER READS, WE DO A SERIES OF TAKES, DWELLING LOVINGLY ON CLOSE SHOTS OF MAGGIE, MICKEY, HANK. ALL REACT TO THE WORDS, THE SIMPLE BEAUTY OF THE OCCASION. HANK HAS TEARS IN HIS EYES. ALSO, INTERCUT TAKES OF REV. JENNINGS AND MRS. JENNINGS. IT WILL BE A FLOW SEQUENCE, AS WE SOFTLY SHIMMER & DISSOLVE FROM ONE FACE TO THE OTHER. AS A PRELUDE TO THE CEREMONY, MAGGIE SOFTLY SINGS) MAGGIE: "First love's like a lilac tree, with shy spring buds for all to see, a gentle hint of what will be at blossom time, on a wedding day." REV. JENNINGS: We are here in the sight of God and in the face of this company, and in the unseen presence of those who are ever close, to unite in holy matrimony two people who have chosen, from this day forward, to be one, together throughout time and eternity. As gentle rain falls to the earth, inviting the buds and blossoms of God's greenery to emerge, welcome, so have the gentle blessings from above fallen, to foster and future an enduring love to be shared by Maggie and Marty. From the darkness of yesterdays, the lonely pain of past and solitude has come a shimmering flame of hope to light the way for tomorrows without end, radiant with joy and happiness. To be a bird and soar in free ecstasy, to be a cloud and flat across the canvas of an endless sky, to walk together, to run together, to live together, to love together. This is the pattern of Heaven's tapestry, the gift He gives with the blessing of marriage. We ask not for chains or vows for they are not needed in this union. The simple clasp of hands will be shelter, one to the other, forever. (TIGHT SHOT OF MICKEY AND MAGGIE AS SHE HOLDS OUT HER HAND, HE TAKES IT, HOLDS IT TIGHTLY). REV. JENNINGS: Love is faith. Faith is hope. Hope is belief. And belief is love, in the golden ring of true constancy. Have you such a ring, Marty Hanson? (TAKE MICKEY AS HE TOUCHES HIS POCKET, BUT DOESN'T BRING RING OUT) MICKEY: I have. REV. JENNINGS: And you, Maggie Simmons? (TAKE MAGGIE AS SHE INDICATES A WEDDING BAND THAT RESTS WITHIN HER BRIDAL BOUQUET) MAGGIE: I have. REV. JENNINGS: Dear God, we who have so much can ask for nothing more, save Your divine favor and protection for the years they shall travel together, no longer alone, but one. (NOW MRS. JENNINGS AGAIN PICKS UP "LILAC TREE" AS MAGGIE STARTS TO SING) MAGGIE: "Last love's like an old oak tree, still strong and proud with majesty, its branches bent protectingly, a family tree, stately old oak tree." REV. JENNINGS: Into the holy estate of matrimony these two persons present ask now to be joined. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let him now speak or else hereafter forever hold his peace. (THERE IS A LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE, THEN REV. JENNINGS CONTINUES) REV. JENNINGS: The rings? (MICKEY PLACES HIS RING ON MAGGIE'S FINGER. SHE PLACES HER RING ON HIS) REV. JENNINGS: With this simple act, and by virtue of the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. And let no one put asunder those who have thus been joined together in the presence of God and his company. (NOW THE ORGAN SWELLS IN THE TRADITIONAL WEDDING SONG. MICKEY GENTLY REMOVES THE VEIL FROM MAGGIE'S RADIANT FACE. HE BENDS AND SOFTLY KISSES HER. DISSOLVE TO: EXTERIOR FARMHOUSE BACK PORCH. JAY APPROACHES, REACTS TO THE ORGAN MUSIC. CUT BACK TO PARLOR AS HANK KISSES THE BRIDE, THEN SHAKES HANDS WITH MICKEY. MR. AND MRS. JENNINGS GO TO THE HAPPY COUPLE, EXTENDING THEIR BEST WISHES. BRING JAY TO THE PARLOR DOOR, UNSEEN BY ANYONE. HE REACTS TO MAGGIE IN HER WEDDING GOWN. IT IS OBVIOUS TO HIM WHAT'S JUST HAPPENED. AND ON HIS REACTION: FADE TO BLACK)    
    • Adrienne looks so butch. Wally looks better than Freddie Smith. I see the double chin returning.
    • You know, I really hate this Devon story. It could've been done so much better if they were going to contest the will. But to give it to EFFIN Cane is so damn dumb. I also don't think I've disliked Jill more than now. If this is why they brought Jill back, they might as well ship her off. This whole thins is just completely insulting and dumb as hell. Why are they believing Cane who is a REPEATED LIAR? No way in hell Katherine would leave her inheritance to Cane. Just so damn dumb 
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