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    • That's unfair criticism. He made it clear that he had a prior engagement and had to leave because of that. It's not his fault the technical difficulties meant that the chat was prolonged.
    • Villa Blanca takes me back to BH S1-2 in an instant. Always liked that airy space with the windows flung open for al fresco dining. But after the ruling on the sexual harassment lawsuit, the Todds have been keen to offload the space. The associations with the restaurant are now linked to that. I suspect that the Vanderpump-Todds are relieved that the lease could not be renewed and can now focus on their existing establishments in current pandemic times. If VPR gets officially cancelled, they may consider getting out of the restaurant biz for a while and embrace a semi-retirement/Vanderpump Dogs kid of life. I always believed a Vanderpump Dogs show was in the cards, hence production's insistence on puppygate during S9 as a way into the show.     Vindictive and obsessed. She won't rest til she feels LVP is somehow punished and completely destroyed. Same with Kim Richards. Doesn't this kind of energy eventually backfire on you, karma-styles?  
    • I think the reunions have been fun but less is more when it comes to the number of guests.
    • JUDITH LIGHT      ONE LIFE TO LIVE    Karen Wolek Wolek   1977-83 UGLY BETTY        Claire ___ Meade    2006-2010 EDEN        Olivia ___ Sparks     2011 DALLAS 2.0      Judith Brown Ryland    2013-14   of curse....... WHO'S THE BOSS      Angela Robinson Bower    1984-92 PHENOM        Diane Doolen    1993-94 THE SIMPLE LIFE    Sara Campbell    1998 THE STONES      Barbara Stone    2004 TWENTY GOOD YEARS   Gina    2006; 2008 LAW AND ODER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT    Judge/ Bureau Chief   Elizabeth Donnelly   2002-10 THE EXES      Marjorie    2012; 2015 DOUBT     Carolyn Rice    2017 TRANSPARENT   Shelley Pfefferman     2014-19         TRANSPARENT THE LOST SESSIONS   Shelley Pfefferman  2017 QUEEN AMERICA     Regina     2018-19 MANHUNT     Bobi Jewell    2020 THE POLITICIAN    Dede Standish    2019-20        
    • Definitely 1980s Lu during her modeling days. I recall in one of the very early seasons, Luann talking about her pre-Countess model years and that very shot was one of a few which popped up on screen. The fact that she has positioned it just so makes me love this hoe all the more. Sage Lu dispensing wise advice to her GFs... and then we get 'I'm Fabulous, bitches!' self-involvement. Both of which were also neatly showcased on Thursday's episode.     The latter... although the drunkenness did not really appear until the last 2 minutes of the episode. Most of the episode felt like a cosy slumber party in this big, beautiful house, and even the sight of Lu and others storming off was softened by the fact that everybody was storming off in fuzzy slippers. I enjoyed the episode: everybody got a little character study.   Blue Stone Manor looks almost identical to pre-flooding BSM, but nevertheless, love a glimpse of the rooms and furnishings. Personally prefer seeing the houses more than the glam-squad stuff -- homes feel like a purer expression of their true personalities.    Back to your point about day-to-day lives, it would enrich the show to see a little more of that. It would definitely enrich Elyse vis a vis the audience. She announced this episode that she has a husband? Wait, what?! Color me shocked. I never even realised. I would love to see some footage of her + hubby (+ Ramona flirting with him, let''s be real) in their UES apartment. I think it would help establish her on the show, even if it's just as a FOH.   Similarly, Luann has been dating her talent manager for like 2 years, and she's about to sell the upstate NY house and get back to the Hamptons. Would love to see more of that and maybe a glimpse of him.   Dorinda going Drunk Warrior and trying to turn Sonja against Lu revealed Dorinda's cruel pot-stirring side again. And all because Lu was trying to gently tell Dorinda about toning down the meanness when she gets drunk. Just when I was warming to D this week.   Heather in the previews! 🥰A welcome sight for sore eyes. Having Heather return to the show would perhaps be a better fit than Jill Zarin. Maybe a combo of Heather and Carole, or Heather and Kristen.   
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