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    • I think the argument could be made.  And I’m far from a fan!   Maxie has the personality she created for the character.  They tried to make her just a scheming vixen, but she did bring enough to the character that they allowed her humor and she does play the layers when the material is good.  She reminds me much more of Lucy Coe than just a soap bitch, and I credit that to her, not the writing.   Her Belle was also the only version that has truly worked.  Martha Madison has always skewed to matronly for me.   For many DAYS fans that was a successful time on the show, and stories for her age set on GH have revolved around her longest.  She outlived Georgie (still a mistake), and she has been given more material and live interests than Lulu since ER took over.
    • I feel like Kate peaked under Langan around 2001. Since then? I kinda agree she hasn't had anything super memorable that springs to mind. Lauren has chemistry with Josh Taylor. They need to just pair them. Or they could have given Kate a side story with Tony and Anna. Kate works best with her family. I loved her shooting Clyde with her great-grandson on her arm. Give me that Kate.   I just feel like Ron or someone uses Marlena as a prop for Ben to make him 'accepted'. Just a possible irrational resentment I have towards Ben. They just try too hard. And it's hard to forget he killed people even though they want us to. And since screentime is so precious with limited guarantees, I'd rather she spend time with her actual family ... normally I'd like their relationship but I feel like sometimes we waste time, if that makes sense, when she could be better used elsewhere. Though to Ron's credit, I think he uses Marlena and John well. I don't miss the resentment in the writing other writers had towards them.   They are silly plots with Orpheus. I'll give them a pass on the blackout one since it was filler. They could do better with him if they tried. I thought we were getting something with Evan and Zoey but they were villains of the month and all three were gone in a few months. It's hard to invest in that.
    • I'm so glad we were spared that nonsense.
    • Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting either of them to go to set. I hope they’re being extra cautious. The lack of social distancing in that picture worries me given their age and the fact that the show already had a Covid related shut down. 
    • I wonder if the actress playing Ruth is the same Anne Jones who appeared in Once upon a Matress in 1960?   If so, two of her castmates (Janes White, Will Lee, and Patti Karr) were later on The Edge of Night. Odette Bossa, who provided the lingerie, is still making ladies' sleep ware in 2020.  
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