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    • LEXI AINSWORTH   GENERAL HOSPITAL    Kristina Corinthos-Davis Mitchell   2009-11; 2015; 2018-20; 2021-Present   and.... CHOSEN         Cassidy     2014 MAJOR CRIMES      Ella    2017-18                           JOHN PLESHETTE   THE DOCTORS       Joe Hilligan, record shop manager   1973 MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN    Hugh Boswell   1976 KNOTS LANDING      Attorney Richard Avery    1979083; 1987 PARTY OF FIVE    Professor Conklin   1997 MISTRESSES   Judge Kavanaugh   2013   and... DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL     Dr. Danvers    1975-76 SEVENTH AVENUE    Marty Cass    1977 CIVIL WARS    Al Noonan    1991-93 MURDER ONE        Gary Blondo   1995-97     Wrote and directed several episodes of Knots Landing. Suzanne Pleshette's cousin.....  
    • If Spencer were to pick up an addiction, he'd be well w/in his rights.  EVERYDAMNTHANG is laid at his feet.  It's ridiculous.  I'm shocked he even said something about his arm bothering him but I largely suspect that is only due to it not really being his arm that's the trouble.  Otherwise, Spencer, the God, would not say anything and play, for the hood, until his arm falls off.     @All My ShadowsI'm feeling the Laura/Mo conflict.  I like the sound of that.     Preach, who could really pass as my nephew's identical twin, is whipped?  Lawd, Coop is supposed to be the stupid one.     Layla in boss mode is fun.  I like it.     And Olivia upset over Asher and another girl?  Why do I care when she's longing for Spencer?     Love love love the idea of a female coach!  Bust all their balls, lady!!!!!
    • This guy is Daddy goals. Damn you, IG embeds.   https://www.instagram.com/p/CKg0NfCA5uz/?igshid=18n01y0wz2cn 
    • I doubt it's long-term. I wish they'd just can RSW and give Cin stans their HEA and then re-introduce Ciara down the road. But no, Ron has some fetish for Ben. 
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