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    • Here are the Summer 1986 cast charts. I will skip to 1987 after this and get up Jan - May 87 in the next couple days   JUNE    
    • Speaking of cutting scenes that had potential for drama...    
    • Oh gross.  I’ve never even thought of AT’s Emily with Sonny.  Vomit.   Say what you want about Reilly, but he absolutely invested in the Horton family as HW during his first round.  We had Hope, Laura and Mike return, Jennifer was often in lead stories, and Lucas was revealed as a Horton.  Plus we had visits from Bill, Doug and Julie.  I also remember thinking Tom Horton’s memorial was one of the nicer ones.
    • I forgot the part where Charlie says to Tripp....You sure are cocky😂 I thought here comes the mud wrestling😂😁
    • I liked Carly and Jax today and Olivia and Robert.  This Sonny ish is stupid.  There could have been a much better story than this.   Nelle finding him would have been better and I can't stand Nelle. Also, Joss wears the most unflattering tops.  I feel like she's worn this one several times too.  I am sure it looks okay in person, but not onscreen. Olivia is the opposite of stealth btw.  I don't think Tracey can be so easily fooled by that nitwit.
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