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    • RHOA   I liked it. The first full group scene. The beginning of the cast trip. Drew starting to really interact with the cast. And...she SCORED. Fun shade with her and Porsha (cuz that 'Amazing Grace' sing-off was hilarious! I rewinded). Shade with her vs Latoya and Kenya. And she was like one of the girls in the sweaty van. Good start to the cast trip with breathtaking views.   What I didn't like off the bat...the reveal of cut scenes. The major one was Kenya vs Marc over Brooklyn. It was in the promo. And it was just reduced to a flashback...and Brooklyn's face blurred out. The promo made it out to look like her divorce or fighting for her marriage was going to be her other storyline. Without it, there is nothing to humanize her really...and that given how polarizing Kenya can be...is a BIG mistake. Especially since she's the one who started Strippergate. So much more to her than just the villain.   Speaking of villains, there's the cut scenes with Latoya. Which should have stayed since it'll be explaining next week Marlo vs Kenya's part of the feud. What if it had happened in real time? And then...THE CAST TRIP!!!! Would have been more organically vs jarring. GET IT TOGETHER, PRODUCTION!!!    KENYA. Lord...and I thought Marlo was extra.    She didn't bother me at all this week. And it's been a while since she has had a good sparring partner. Yeah, Porsha is good for that, but I would rather have them as friends at this point. But her vs Drew feels fresher and I'm down for that. Drew is still an unknown entity so that makes any feuding unpredictable.    PORSHA. Ugh. Dennis. I liked everyone ribbing her about it. But I'm over Dennis at this point. And I LOVE THE RETURN OF MESSY PORSHA. She was all kinds of fun messy and I was HERE FOR IT!!! And again...that 'Amazing Grace' sing-off...HILARIOUS!!!   KANDI. Honestly, was kinda there.    CYNTHIA. Honestly, same as above. Definitely better than the last few weeks of her being annoying. And no wedding mentions.   DREW. MVP tonight!!! Granted she did not start the messiness (that would be Porsha), but she was bound to finish it. She one, two, three shaded Latoya AND Kenya. That was Gold. Then she had that dinner and spilled about the private jet. And she definitely joined in in the van (with Extra Marlo, Fun Shamea, and Meh Tanya). Can't wait until her fight next week.   Good start.  
    • Slut.   Oh, really?    Thank you.  
    • Maybe back when Huckabee was popular...now...not so much. I could tell stories of how people are OVER that name.    But I do think that someone bad will get the position. Sadly.   Amen on Barbara Hershey who is overdue another resurrection after the success of BLACK SWAN and the INSIDIOUS movies.   And mmmmmm BOSTON: RW, the first and best season of RW I saw. Kameelah, Jason, and Cyrus even came to my college campus as part of the RW tour that year. I was in awe of her awesomeness.      Now...I think The Orange One has better things to worry about than picking on a scientist. Doesn't he have a trial starting tomorrow...    
    • Playing catch-up and on 1/12 and...   ...WOW. They really have Sonny with no memory? Really? I don't know if I'm shocked that happened or the fact that NONE of his ex ladies (perferably Brenda) didn't stumble on him first.   However...this story has possibilities. Example Ava vs Carly over Avery. I could be down for that. If they kept Sonny away for say...three months...(or just end of February Sweeps). And build to it. It could be crazy.   I could also be down for a TJ vs Brando rivalry...or TJ/Molly/Brando/Sasha quad of some type. I would want TJ with Molly and Brando with Sasha but some messy situation.    Uh...I know you all have said Chase...well the actor...is good, but regularly watching...I'm seeing why. There's something about how he's acting that draws me in. It could be that I am sucker for when characters have a hint of lovelorn...and JS is giving it and I see it. So I am kinda rooting for him. Sorry, Michael.    Then again, I can say the same for recast TJ. He's been doing good the last few weeks. I'm seeing him less like a recast.     + 1   Yeah, I know what I just said. re: Brenda.   But you know what? I like your idea better.   The possibilities are so much better. 
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