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    • THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN       George Bailey     Ty Perry   Joan Saint John    Effie Afton "Uncle"   Frank  Thurmond  ...   Poco and Barry's uncle                         Edwin Cooper ??????????    James McDonald       THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN AUGUST 3, 1953-DECEMBER 31, 1954        NBC NEW YORK CITY     Jennifer Alden  ...   Lori March    1953-54   neurotic rival of Poco Alan Anderson    ...  Lester Fletcher   1953                 Dort Clark      George Bailey     Ty Perry   Vince Bannister ....   John Marley   1953-54    nightclub owner  tried to split Bill and Poco Max Bremner  ...   Mercer McCloud    villainous character Dr. Campbell     ....Harry Holcombe Jason Cleve    ...   Lauren Gilbert     publisher Mrs. Cleve   ....  Harriet MacGibbon  Charlotte Doane   ...    Mona Bruns      Mrs. Doane ...   Doris Rich    Nurse Gaines ...   Natalie Schafer     Cliff Jenkins     ...   ???? Walter Jones    ...   Earl George Pigeon Mallory   ...  Eeta  Linden Bill Morgan  Poco's husband, a writer                       ...   Mark Roberts     1953-54                              ...Gene Blakely                         ...   Walter Brooke       "Poco" Mary Claire  Thurmond Morgan ....      NYC model that's a hometown girl, deep down                                  Kathleen Maguire  1953-54                                 ... Diana Douglas 2/54   ...                                    ....Phyllis Hill       1954     Chip Morrison ...   Robert Webber   Joan Saint John    Effie Afton Barry Thurmond   ...   Roger Sullivan   Poco's brother "Uncle"   Frank  Thurmond  ...   Poco and Barry's uncle                        Frank Tweddell                           Edwin Cooper Alice Trent   ...   Laurie Vendig  Beth Waring   ... Madeline Belgarde       Nan's daughter Nan ___ Waring    ...   Beth Douglas     singer       Angela ...  Ginger McManus    1953    Elaine the night club hostess  Kay Medford       4/54        Laura  ....    Inge Adams Lona     Judith Braun Mike ....   Joe Brown, Jr.      ran a burger joint  Monty, the bartender         Sam Gilman        4/54 Nell the fortune teller    Miriam Goldina   1954 Susan      Susan Oliver    younger sister    9/53     Child     Adele Newton   1953 or 54 Psychiatrist     Jay Barney     9/1954      2 weeks Young Girl       Mary Kevin Kelly   (10 year old)  1953     Announcer      Don Pardo   1953-54       ?????????   Donald Buka    Ralph Friedman           Henry Lascoe     4/54 James McDonald John Pavelko     1954 Jane Seymour      4/54 Howard Smith Ralph Stantley Donald Symington     4/54 Irving Taylor            
    • Speaking of Norman Lear, I keep forgetting that he apparently had some (minimal) early involvement with Who's the Boss? (as the Soaps Of Yesterday blog recently reminded me). I think the case was WTB? was originally an Embassy show, which meant the columnists were cool with associating Norman's name with it.   ETA: I've never watched "Perfect Strangers" all the way through, but it seems to have had a reverse. Starting out for adults/families, then softening for kid appeal. I have watched "Mr. Belvedere" all the way through and that definitely evolved from family show with a slight edge (like Wesley thinking Heather's birth control was a handheld game) to adopting more of the "TGIF ethos."
    • You offer pretty much nothing but ugly criticism of Stafford and King, and your posts read like a Mean Girls Diary. That’s your business, of course, but it doesn’t make you a good judge of talent. Same. I can see slamming a character, or criticizing an actor’s approach to a role, but when it gets personal — and ugly — I’m calling it out.   Stafford and King are both doing fine considering what’s been written for them. Do I miss Gina Tognoni? Yeah. I loved her. But I love Michelle Stafford, too. When I hear anyone discuss Phyllis, I picture MS in my mind.   Some problematic stuff in Michelle’s past? Yeah — years ago, and it’s been played to death. Talk about beating a dead horse. I think it’s time we stopped roasting Stafford for whatever happened.   Did she screw up with Victoria Rowell? If you believe everything we read, yeah. That doesn’t mean we EVER got the whole/real story about what happened. And no, I’m not blaming Rowell, either — I’d write Dru back in immediately if I could.
    • And then you had Maggie Haberman's condescending ass telling every Twitter user who disagreed with Dowd that they are just too simple-minded to understand what journalism is or what journalists do.  It all made me so damn angry.  It still makes me so damn angry.
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