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    • Grasp! That’s a first I heard someone say that. Dimitri checked all the boxes for me, yes to each their own.   I agreed with everything you said about Jerry Douglas. He was amazing and understated as John Abbott I miss that character so much.   I been rewatching early 90s AMC too. That was a good time to be watching but I see so many missed storyline opportunities. I’m sad how things ended for Dimitri and Edmund, the Wildwind brothers should have been leading story way into the show’s final years. We’re approaching the 30th anniversary of the Natalie in the well storyline and Dimitri’s introduction by the way.   Yea if they kept him as Hayley’s sole male figure instead of attaching her to Adam I would have found him more endearing. Natalie was such a special character to me, and very complex. I don’t think you could pair her with just anybody, her great love to me was Ross Chandler before he raped her.   I like not love Jackson(AMC) I enjoyed him as a secondary character, he’s definitely not a lead. That is a reason i love soaps it’s so many people on the canvas it doesn’t matter which ones I don’t like. It’s something for everybody! 
    • Toussaint is one of those parts of the TV and film firmament - you see them everywhere yet they rarely get their regard. I'd seen her onscreen through most of my childhood but her recent run on She-Ra as the villain Shadow Weaver was benchmark work even as 'just' a voice performer. I'm glad she has a new perch on Queen's show.
    • I do too. I guess since it is her most known role (or was until Orange is the New Black - I never did watch that but many seemingly did), they decided not to talk about it. Too bad.
    • From what I recall, Agnes wrote the incest story with Genie in mind. She even named the character, Ceara, after her own niece. I think she was originally supposed to be named Allison. 
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