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    • I agree with you regarding Willow
    • I'd rather rip off hangnails than watch medical drama on a soap opera.
    • @DRW50 Something that surprised me with the Nevada caucus is that Warren voters second choice votes went to Biden once she didn’t reach the threshold. I expected them to go to Bernie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete and Amy’s votes did swing his way if they dropped out.    Also, many have mentioned the down ballot races and it’s true that not one Bernie endorsed candidate won in a swing district in 2018. AOC and he himself have made it clear they plan on going after so many established Democrats, I’m worried their eye won’t be on the prize to focus on flipping seats from R to D. They’re trying to flip from D to Whatever u call Bernie’s party. They’re even trying to get Nancy Pelosi out!   Nobody can convince me we will keep the House or gain the Senate regardless of if he wins or not. How can they when they’re trying to vote people out instead of adding to our numbers? It’s insanity. This ain’t the election for that. Everybody seems to have tunnel vision from the refusal to drop out and then primarying Democrats in a Trump era. 
    • Pence barely says a word now. his wife hates Trump's guts. Pence I believe is setting up running in 4 years....if we're all still here and this isn't The walking dead....
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