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    • My timing was off because I thought Marland wrote the rape, then left and PFS picked up from there.  But I just did a deep dive on her obits and she started in 1979 so that was before the rape.  Which makes a difference in how I perceive her work.   I also saw that she left in 1981, but I guess it was after the WGA strike that year.  There was an article about her re-hiring at Days which stated that she was "pilfered" along with six members of her writing staff.  Can you imagine that meeting?   I'm with you that flattening Rick would have been the best alternative (although I've always questioned the logic of a skylight in a nursery).  But, who wrote those Monica/Leslie scenes when Monica lays into Leslie for her lack of lust?  Although, in looking on YT that remains a throughline to their relationship including when Leslie help birth AJ, and later in the early 80s.  There is a scene that is frequently referenced when Leslie is pleading with Monica to give up Rick, but Monica talks about how Leslie doesn't fulfill his needs, and I wonder who claims responsibility for those remarkable scenes?  
    • I thought it was weird that they never really showed the siblings interact with each other.  Courtney was on the show for month I think before she even showed up at the Marshall farm.  Dawn and Paiges fued over Dennis was almost like two long lost enemies.  I come from a big family and see weird things but they were all young people and just so disconnected.  
    • I always see writers on soaps (back then) No idea how the 3 on air operate today have nothing really do the actual writing.  All soaps were set up with a certian theme and I believe the EP is the one who does all the driving.  I have watched certain writers on shows and thought it was amazing only to yawn at their next gig show.  I believe they dont have control of how they really want to write.  Wasn't Susan Sussman ( i think her name) bringing the Y&R to star ratings and then she writes and creates her own show Generations which was just awful and so boring..  They write based on the direction who controls it all.  Harding Lemay worked very closely with Paul Rauch on AW in the 70's and the EP knew he was doing a great job and let him have it but that is not typically the case    
    • Yeah the Steve Frame thing was a complete reinvent but maybe Harding Lemay used this as he lied about his past.  He came from some big family and as we saw over the years the Frames were a bit nuts.  Not sure If that discussion occurred in the early 70's that Steve never talked about his large family.  Harding Lemay used the character Steve Frame off his own farm family.  I thought it was even odder in 1987 when the Frame farm suddenly on the canvas.  They were all from Chadwell and never was their a farm in the 70's when all the Frame siblings were introduced..     
    • Kevin and Jason were aged to teens in 2006 when Ross died. Mick Hazen (later Parker on As the World Turns) and Eric Nelsen (AJ on on the All My Children reboot) played the roles.
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