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    • Welcome @BoldKara ! The owner of the vault is @ChickenNuggetz92 Anyone can upload as guest contributor.    I've been digitizing some VHS that someone here mailed to me. If you need help or advice, PM me and I can either explain to you what I did, or I can convert them myself (and that offer is open to anyone with tapes as long as they are in NTSC format for North America). It would be great if you uploaded them; even if we eventually get up to them it would be nice having the originals without subtitles. Personally I would vote that the partial episodes get filed under clips in their own folder.  
    • Hey there!   What a wonderful vault you have here! Thank you so much to all the contributors who have given us all a pathway to the glory years of B&B. I am new here while waiting a week or so to get my userID approved to comment.   Back in the 90’s, I did record some clips and whole episodes to VHS, which I think I can find a way to get into a digital format. Of course being on VHS and not the greatest of reception back then, the video isn’t amazing but is perfectly watchable.   I have in full 833, 834 and 835 - the lead up to and events after the death of Caroline. I also have clips from 828, 829, 830, 831 and 832 showing scenes of Caroline and various members of the show finding out she is dying, plus scenes regarding the charm bracelet and the plants for Ridge.   I know we might eventually get these in full and better quality by our mystery benefactor - but would the person in charge of the vault be interested in me getting these into the vault if I can get the episodes digitised in the meantime?    If yes, would you prefer the clips in the Clip folder, or altogether in a folder in 1990 marked “Caroline’s Death” or something like that with the 3 full episodes I have? Or just the full episodes separate in 1990 and the clips in the clips??? Some of the clips are half to most of the episode, all edited free of ads.   Please let me know, and I’ll try to work some magic. If good enough and people are happy with the quality, I can look into getting some more clips on here as I recorded very many of early Sheila including a lot of her time on Y&R as I absolutely loved her character too.   Thanks again for this fantastic vault.
    • Tonally, her work and her style just seemed all wrong for this show. The stunt casting towards the end also drives me mad. 
    • She only wrote the show for less than a year. Does anyone exactly know how long?
    • True...the writing was probably on the wall when she joined. While I took issues with a lot of what she wrote, especially how the Walkers suddenly ate the show, just curious as to what others think she wrote right...or stories that had potential if the show would have lasted.

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