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All My Children

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    • Jill never should have left. Like her fellow diva Lauren Koslow, you can put Jess Walton anywhere on that canvas even now and watch magic happen, spinning even the lamest of stories into classics.     
    • Lol, I especially love how Ashley tries to turn the tables on Nikki first "Jack is your biggest fan" "Why didn't he go to Rio with you?" haha. I see you Ashley.   Yes Jack asking all those leading questions without wanting raise suspicion and also how Bell and Terry did not try to make it obvious as to what he was doing. You had to watch the show and know what was going on to appreciate what was happening there. Bell uses the scene between Jack and Kay to fill in anyone not familiar with the back story.   I too wish Esther had been a little more of a schemer, just here and there   I think the Stevens and Williams famalies were the last of the blue collar types. By 1986 Patty was gone and Carl was mostly off contract and popping in only when needed. Mary would soon be the same. So yeah 1986 was the beginning of the rich and powerful and corporate Y&R for sure and I think by 88 and 89 that was well established. Pretty sure 87-88 was when we first saw Victor at Newman Ent., or at least on a regular basis and Paul moved on up to his more plush office space as well. We also got more Lauren at Fenmore from 87 as well.  Oh fantastic glad you like them. Will get the others done soon
    • I thought Agnes was behind bringing on the Hubbards and that this was all her. I had no idea Taggert/Guza were still in place or that they wanted Angie with Trucker. Wild.
    • I almost want to say Kate Collins playing RM's stuff (and Vice-versa).   After watching the early stuff of her 1st run, I think ate could be an entertaining 'sane' Janet. Early she was just awkward.   And I think RM could do Janet's returns but far more nuanced.
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