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    • I still think that misinformation was spread primarily from Schemering’s Encyclopedia, and everyone else just ran with it. I believe he calls it out and that was published over 30 years ago.   The ratings from the 80’s also makes it clear that Y&R’s rise to #1 wasn’t totally unexpected as it wasn’t unusual for the show to have stints at #1 before they took the position for good at the end of the decade.
    • It's definitely a nice reference, wish more was persevered and easily accessible for other magazines as well.   I wish we did have more conclusive information for the Steve and Betsy wedding. Overall, ATWT did well in 1983/84. The articles I read from 1983 and 1984 for ATWT confirm that the couple was definitely popular with viewers and that their relationship did help boost ATWT ratings. ATWT saw yearly increases the 2 years Meg was on. Also, the 1980s ratings pretty much confirm that even though GH was the most popular soap throughout the majority of the 1980s overall, it wasn't unlikely that a soap could dethrone it from the top spot for a week or more. So while I believe it may be possible that Steve and Betsy's wedding could have scored ATWT a number 1 for the week or day or even just the timeslot, I am finding it hard to believe it actually had 20 million viewers. I'm not saying it didn't, because I don't have proof otherwise, but considering all the articles from 1984 I've seen written up on the wedding, none of them mention this incredible feat. I haven't seen a mention of it from a reliable source from that time period or with any actual proof which makes me believe this misinformation started or eventually found it's way onto blogs, websites, and forums. Maybe someone heard that ATWT had a 20 share for the week and thought it meant 20 million. Maybe someday someone could find published ratings for that week. 
    • This link was to the Capitol Megasite, ran by a lovely Italian gentleman named Claudio, but unfortunately the site is no longer online. Too bad because there were many pictures, articles, and of course things like the bibles, that I haven't seen anywhere else.   What I remember most about the original bible was that the Cleggs vs. the McCandlesses wasn't nearly as central. Even more interesting was the strong emphasis on ingenue, Merle, a beautiful biracial coed. From what I remember, it was implied that she could almost pass but was always aware of the difference between herself and her white housemates. I think it was also implied that there was mystery surrounding her parentage. Regrettably, all of this was dropped. (On second thought, perhaps it was for the best.)
    • What makes the red satin and sax opening so special to this day is that it completely broke tradition, and every other version of Y&R's titles has been a modernized take on the original with none of its timeless elegance and beauty. Sure, we got some very memorable campy shots of cast members preening over the years, but nothing can touch Sandy Dvore's charcoal sketches that captured the depth and the essence of actors and their characters in the way a great artist can do. Y&R could have stuck to the original arrangement of Nadia's Theme  (with that gorgeous sonorous cello) and charcoals forever. Imagine how special it would have been to witness forty-some years of drawings of Katherine, Victor, Nikki, et al, a visual history. But switching out flat white for billowing crimson, ditching strings, adding the actors' names (Bill Bell's response to the squish credits), the 1999 opening titles struck out on their own and I highly doubt the show will ever again think outside the box.
    • Thanks will definitely check that out I know some posters share a lot of the same info here at SON and DR both are great resources to read!
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