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    • Just watched today's episode. Loved the flashbacks, esp. from the 1980s. One of the best episodes in a long time.   Can't believe they showed the clip that lead up to Victor and Jill's brief relationship (and for years the speculation that it resulted in Jill becoming pregnant w/ Billy, which thankfully did not happen). Jess Walton was rocking that big ass hair in the early 1990s    I would've liked to have seen clips from Eric's first episode, which I don't believe has surfaced anywhere online. I think Victor and Katherine's first meeting was shown once, maybe during Jeanne Cooper's tribute episode?   Did anyone else notice a bit of a resemblance between Matt and Adam? That Miller/Newman DNA is strong haha.        
    • Yeah that transition into Conboy really broke the show for good.  Rauch had finally gotten kind of back to basics, and there was a lot of good stuff and characters in the show.  Then Conboy decimated it all pretty quickly.  Ben being a prime example. I’ve never watched B&B.  But when you read about Brooke’s history, she is nothing like the character Bill Bell wrote.   And I have seen lots of clips of both her and Stephanie.  And neither one of them were as great as when Bill was writing the show.  Sometimes I would see scenes of Flannery from Bradley’s era as HW and it’s just awful.  Even she can’t make it seem like good work anymore.
    • They've cast Keegan Allen as Walker's gay brother, which pleasantly surprised me. I like the description of their family backstory/dynamic and hope they use it a lot instead of making him a background character.
    • Guiding Light, I wouldn't even say the Clone or San Cristobal broke it. It showed some sign of hope under Taggart/Cullton and it brought me back as a viewer, but somewhere between Ben being a serial killer because he was molested and Jonathan & Tammy against the world/the Coopers taking over the show, the show I once loved was dead and gone. 
    • Guess there is limited money for wardrobe so he had to wear his own clothes on the show. ROFL.
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