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    • Somewhere in this thread, @DRW50 posted a picture of Nancy Pinkerton standing next to Dorian’s portrait that replaced Eugenia‘s over the mantle. Someone posted that a new portrait in Claire Malis’ likeness did appear on the show. I’m not sure why it was taken down as it’s noticeably absent in the episode posted. Strasser’s infamous Dorian portrait was actually intended to be a newly commissioned one, it was a gift from Cassie.   At 8:13, a little more Malis (with Jane Badler as Melinda) for those who may have missed it:   https://youtu.be/iICqNUtA4ug
    • “Bitch! ... Bitch!” Lmfao!
    • I heard it twice towards the end. 
    • For those who are interested: On this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQypKVSe77Mdj4ARdFVD8Tg are Guiding Light Episodes from 1982 to 1989. Im closing the gap of episodes in 1983 right now, so that we will have nearly complete years 1983-1989. There is a low amount of episodes missing. I think its about 30 missing episodes out of 1500   You need to click on "Playlists" to see all available episodes.   All episodes are german dubbed, but maybe its interesting for some of you.   Im on, uploading the rest of 1983 and 1986 has still 50 episodes to got   Have fun
    • Yes, her casually saying she had been in an orgy, then the slow burn of her stunned, embarrassed, teeth-clenching husband. The nosy other woman who is straight out of a porn script. And I could swear I kept hearing someone say "bitch" in the background...
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