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    • The second installment of my MILLIKEN MILLS novel series is now out. If interested, info here: https://bruceafleming.wixsite.com/bruceafleming?fbclid=IwAR2hpfUIUg3CfG7wpCYJAKQbnHtwRVwQWEleHshYviJoOJCZoHNHZWVIEEk 
    • I guess the GCAC set was too big. It seems they want to fit as many permanent sets as possible into the studio space so they don't need to pay to have them pulled down,stored and put up as needed, as previoysly happened. In the past years we've lost GCAC Dark Horse complex - now a small office Newman Ranch 2 - replaced by a room Tack room Police station Victoria's house - shrunken down Chancellor estate- redecorated and shrunken Ashby house Lauren's apartment Jabot office - now just boardroom Abbott dining room GC Buzz Brash n Sassy Devon's workspace Summer/Phyllis apartment   Am I missing anything?
    • Well, Nina doesn't get any sympathy from me after telling a 2 year old that the only mother he's known is not his real mother.  You have to root for Carly on this one.
    • Crossing my fingers they live up to the promise of this. Marvel would have done a real one-two punch if they can pull this off after the success of WandaVision's exploration of grief and trauma.
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