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    • Nothing new said here, but watching these classic episodes (or should I say vintage as ‘classic’ possibly shouldn’t be applied as a broad stroke with some of the choices), serves as a depressing reminder what we probably have to look forward to when everything is up and running down the line.   I saw a suggestion that perhaps the series should be run in order from a point in 1998. Sign me up for that. Hardly any of it has dated badly in terms of language or subject matter, that I can recall, and we’d have the benefit of the older sets, Bell/Alden writing and superior production. It would be a riot if it build up a steady following, given that it would effectively serve as a first run for some of the few younger viewers the show has today.
    • Okay, I just got a chance to see the Cooper reunion and it was fun (I wished Justin's mic's volume was up higher), the conversation moved at a good clip and it seemed like everyone said what they wanted to say.  I did miss Jean Carol's presence though. It was nice to hear that Melina and Frank still keep in touch, their story didn't always service their characters but they had genuine onscreen chemistry.  
    • I think it's okay and important to have problematic characters on soap operas as long as they're not being touted as heroes and the topics are addressed/handled in a responsible manner.    Passions did tend to address very tense topics with humor and sometimes it worked and other times it failed miserably. 
    • I'm seeing a lot of spin that the NYT is anti-Semetic and are putting this man and Bari Weiss up as targets for being Jewish (never mind that Weiss put HERSELF all over this). When will Ben Shapiro and other far right types realize they are the ones encouraging anti-Semitism?

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