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    • Both Gizelle and Chariisse are behind this rumor, and it is SO HEINOUS  It is onw of the worst pieces of made-up gossip I have ever heard on these shows, because it could break up a marriage and a family.    I don't believe this rumor for a second. Not sure I believe in Ashley & Michael's relationship.... or Robyn & Juan's.... or Giz & Chocolate.... or even La Grande Dame & Ray's! But I do believe that Monique & Chris love each other and their family above everything and are loyal to each other. Their marriage seems the real deal and they appear to value it above reality TV money.   Honestly, Gizelle and Charrisse are soulless and evil for trying to launch that rumor and destroy other people's lives. I hope they get dragged for filth and that Giz finally gets exposed on the show.
    • Jeff Kober has spent virtually his entire career playing horrific killers in great movies and TV, lol. It's the show letting him down, because the show is bad.
    • I absolutely despise the entire Cyrus Renault storyline. The guy does not seem dangerous enough and he’s not believable as an horrific killer, either. I don’t care about anyone he’s dealing with, including Jordan. If she dies, she dies.   It’s also tiresome with Nelle calling the shots over all these people who hate her, and I do not want to see even more scenes of Sonny at his dying father’s bedside. Kill me now.
    • Re Never Too Young Add Ian Whitcomb performing 'You Turn Me On' (#8 Billboard Hot 100)  and 'Nervous' (#59)
    • I thought the first show back was pretty decent, mixing newly shot scenes with flashback catch ups. The wig on MTS was a mistake, but Mark Grossman’s new hairstyle made up for it, and he looks hot.   Y&R isn’t what it used to be, but none of the soaps is. I think it needs work, but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people here are making it out to be. 

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