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    • Please define limited in this context? I don't think I'm following.   But, Mishael is choosing to play this character cold and stiff with dry humor because she thinks this is how a lawyer would behave.  She could infuse more life into the character if she chose. But she wants to make a clear distinction between Hilary and Amanda.  Sometimes, I see more pizazz in her portrayal when she loses up. Even if Amanda had a clear goal/throughline and was driving story, Amanda would still be quite dry personality wise. But by no means do I think what you're seeing is the writer's fault. This is on Mishael.   
    • My problem with Alan is his timing with interjecting when someone is in the middle of a story.  A good host knows when to interject and when to let the conversation flow.   I find when it's about a show he has no connection with, he doesn't say much.  I think he let Susie Pratt go off about GL cause it was before his time..same with Sharon G about AW and Holly G about OLTL.   And in his SFT one..Marcia and Michael spoke and in some cases had more knowledge of soaps than Alan did.    
    • Phillip was back..but in disguise...as Frankenstein's monster..yes, the wedding was THAT dumb!  
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