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    • Holy cow this is amazing!!!!😁😁😁 your an Angel my friend!! 
    • I definitely don't believe that there was any deliberate attempt to mislead but I do believe that the messaging got muddled along the way, perhaps a lack of communication in the midst of a harried, long and fraught election season. I do agree that they really just need to bump up the individual relief payments to 2K.  It would be better than having to explain and over explain how and why their messaging went sideways to befuddled and possibly irritated Americans expecting $2,000.
    • Let the mud wrestling begin on Monday!😂
    • How could I have forgotten that Lauren Koslow was on Y&R?? I know I was really young but that's crazy! The first time I remember having seen her was on B&B.   One of these soap podcasts really needs to find Alex Donnelly and ask her about her time on Y&R. I'm intrigued by her chemistry with Terry Lester and wonder what it was like to work with him. Controversial take, but I think that Y&R was much better at organically intermingling their Black characters with the rest of the characters at this time, even with the few Black characters that the canvas had back then, compared to what they would become in future.
    • I think it's an honest mistake and error, but also a stupid one. Just up the amount, make the checks 2K checks and stop assuming you can explain it to death to the American people like too many Dem messengers think they can.     The internal response not just in the Beltway but at Politico was massively and almost uniformly negative, which surprised me since Politico is and always will be founded on Republican values and perception. I will never trust them no matter what good reporting they sometimes do. But the fact is the bulk of the staff were outraged.   And as for the riots, all mainstream reporting in media today is about the sweeping identification and mass arrests and how serious and dangerous these attacks were and could still be. There are zillions of huge long articles about how close these lunatics came to killing Congresspeople or the VP. This is not being laughed off or treated as a joke on television or in print outside of the right. Period.   Meanwhile:      
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