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    • Why dont they rerun the Susan Moore Murder Or the Laurelton story How long were thse. Ive seen em on Youtube
    • I was just reading the comments on a post from GH’s Instagram page-  the amount of people asking when there will be new episodes and why are these repeats continuing was kind of ridiculous.  Do any of these people look at the news at all?   They need to be filling all the comments with we want some real classics!  
    • i love the Ridge and Taylor story may be becouse i was a Ridge and Taylor fan
    • Wasn't there an interview with Bill Bell where he said Ted Corday basically on his death bed asked him to save his show ? Corday died in 1966. Ken talked about the barbaric cancer treatments at the time where they would zap his father with radiation, pack him in ice and bring him back to the house, carry him up the stairs and put him into bed. 
    • Winner was never in doubt. She’s amazing.   I loved Heidi’s little sketch in the middle of the finale. She’s so much fun.   Sad about the longtime Drag Race producer who passed away. That was a lovely tribute to her from the queens throughout the seasons. They really created a vivid picture of who she was.   Much better finale than the lackluster reunion.
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