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    • I saw that trailer. I’m firmly team Teresa. Jackie clearly knows she came on hot and fizzled out and is desperately trying to secure a second season.   If Jennifer doesn’t come back it will be a shame. She earned that second season.
    • In more proof of our thriving economy, Payless is shutting down. Yet another store bought up and hollowed out by a Bain-esque company.   https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/15/business/payless-closing-stores-bankrupt/index.html
    • I am entranced by many of these stellar scenes from years gone by. We are so lucky to have them saved and available for viewing!   It does sadden me, however, that so much extraordinary material from the past has been erased and therefore lost forever.   One of the best scenes I have ever seen on daytime TV was from ANOTHER WORLD back in the late 1960s, during the engagement party for Alice Matthews and Steven Frame. Seething with jealousy that she had lost Steve to Alice, a vindictive and spiteful Rachel maneuvered to get Alice alone and then told her that she (Rachel) was pregnant with Steve's baby. Rachel was married to Alice's brother Russ at the time, but had set her marks on Steve and become pregnant. She was lying to everyone in town about the child's actual paternity, but she wanted Alice to know the truth, just to break Alice and Steven up. What a BITCH.   Even today, five long decades later, I remember this classic scene (which Jacquie Courtney and Robin Strasser acted the HELL out of.) Excellent script, fine direction, brilliant acting. I wish y'all could have seen it.
    • I agree that there was a time when Trudy was not really "needed" on the canvas, as over the decades, the show had the likes of Bert, Meta, Kathy, Robin, Leslie, Hope, etc., to provide the Bauers with storyline fodder, but after TIIC decimated the family in the mid-1980s, the show desperately needed some stability and continuity, and bringing back an original character like Trudy or Meta would have been comforting to longtime fans. Even newbie viewers could have fallen in love with them, if the roles had been well cast and well written. Trudy was pretty much a blank slate by that time, and could have shown up in Springfield with children and grandchildren, adding fresh new blood to the Bauer family line.