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    • But they did eventually recast Ed with Bob Gentry reprising and they should've possibly kept him. Was Mart Hulswit still acting the time? If so, they should've brought him back to play Ed after Robert didn't work out.    In regard to Rick, they stayed flopping and missing opportunities with the character in later years.      Even after Abby/Rick got blown to shreds, do you think that Mel/Rick could've possible taken that role too? At least I did. 
    • Adam, Chelsea, Kevin, Chloe (though I really like the actress), Chance, Phyllis, Rey and Theo should leave the canvas and make room for more interesting -or less damaged- characters. JG could not even make MM's return interesting. Amanda Sinclair is nothing more than a new Leslie Michaelson.   Lola and Kyle should be given a Harry/Meghan storyline.    Abby needs to grow up as a character. How about deciding to raise a baby on her own? Asking  a friend to help her get pregnant ala Santa Barbara's Julia?   Jack and Jill having to get married in order to save Jabot would be fun.    Victoria needs a rest as a character.    Phillip Chancellor IV is written the wrong way. He should not be an action hero called Chance. He would be far more interesting as an activist - a modern day Brock- with his father's sensitivity, involved in a different kind of story. Scott Grainger Jr. was ruined the same way. He was always meant to be a doctor.    Nate would better fit as an executive, not  a doctor.    Any news on a new writer?
    • It was pretty clear that the show wanted Brooklyn Rae Silzer's Emma to age in real time like Robin. The downside to that is now that most of the kid characters have been aged she doesn't really fit in with most of the age group anymore.   She can still share scenes with Spencer, but I'm not sure she can fit in with the Cam/Joss/Trina/Dev crew now.
    • One of the greats.
    • Yeah, you're right. Something tells me a script writer needs to be fired lol   Here's the history of Justin and Adrienne.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Kiriakis_and_Adrienne_Johnson I'm liking it, but it does seem like Maggie, Victor and Xander being written into a corner
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