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    • @vetsoapfan, as promised.. here were some of my thoughts on TEON (at least from watching on Youtube since I was too young to watch in person) during the Lee Sheldon years.   I haven't watched a lot of the Henry Sleasar years (that's my next project.. the 1979-1981 waterfall of interconnected mysteries.. Mansion of the Damned, Margo Dorn's murder, Draper's amnesia, Puppet Clown murders, and the Nancy/Dr. Bryson story.... all of which sound juicy).   So my 1st thought of the Slesar/Sheldon switch... I think it was probably the best way to end one era and start a new era.  Slesar's last week/days involve the resolution of the Nora Fulton murder case, while Sheldon's 1st day is everyone leaving the studio to go drink and socialize.     Best things about Sheldon's 20 month stint:   ISIS story:  a 6 month umbrella story kicked off by the murder of Nicole C on air.  Given the amount of times she'd escaped death.. having her be killed on camera must have shocked the audience.  It involved the whole show in one way or another with the end of the story involving Mike Karr winning the election.   New Characters:  Chris Egan was a good addition.. and filled the void left by Deborah Saxon's departure... plus she and Raven had that love/hate thing going.  I liked the ''Wait Until Dark' 4 episode climax to her stalker story.                                 Alicia Van Dine... perfect villianess.. even though the show didn't really do anything with her for a few months other than sleeping with her assistant, and spar with one of her clients Shelley.  Once she was reinvolved in the Sky/Raven/Logan orbit, than she started serving her purpose.   The Logan Swift murder Case:  A back to basics story with a murder, list of suspects, a court trial with lots of testimony especially from Alicia.. and a nice team up with Sky Whitney/Chris Egan to solve the crime in a satisfying way.   Liz Corral mystery:  A new character that actually turned out to give Mike/Nancy a decent story as the show wrapped up that involved the return of Laurie and a hint of her going to find her son.     Final Episode:  A wedding, a return of a villianess/villian/henchman, a murder, and the start of an interesting myself I'm bummed didn't get followed up on.  Great end to a show that ended too soon.   What I didn't like about Sheldon's 20 month stint:   Everyone is islanded:  After the Isis story, the characters become islanded in their own stories/myteries in the 1st half of 1984.  After the 2 week Olympic hiatus, the show seemed to be remedying that.   Standing Oak:  If people in 2020 can't talk about what happened to the Native Americans.. I doubt in 1984, this story went over well.   Shelley Franklin:  Character with potential.. it seemed like she was supposed to be a young Raven.. but the show didn't really do anything with her other than her suicide attempt, fighting with Jody over a guy, or aruging with Geraldine over playing rock music.  Her brief stint going undercover as Millie to spy on Alicia was nicely done though.  Wasted potential.   Jody's recast:  Sweet girl, but no Lori Laughlin.  Instead of people getting to know her, the show insists on centering a mystery around her even though the audience was still missing Lori.   Beth Coral: ugh...I was rooting for her sister Liz to make her life miserable.   Sky/Raven:  They wouldn't play in 2020.. 2 rich people that bend the rules.  Wouldn't fly in 2020.  
    • Doug Davidson of Y&R mentioned doing it in an interview with SOD, years ago.
    • I think Laura Malone was a terrific performer no matter what she was given to play, but do you all think Blaine was better as a villainess or a heroine? (Most of the material I've seen on YouTube is after Blaine had become a good girl.)
    • Here's the latest on the White House POS, ahem, COS:   https://www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-chief-of-staff-mark-meadows-might-be-the-second-most-reckless-man-in-the-white-house

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