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    • I don't think that's the same Suzanne Davidson. 
    • Yep, if Anna had slept with Faison, he'd have never let her forget it   TOTALLY. TOTALLY. Yeeeah, that's what I was thinking. If anything she should let Peter be l la Faison/Stefano, coming and going with a scheme if he wants to keep him around. Or like how Dan O Connor is with Dr. O since he loves her.    Ooooh, I remember that backlash REEEEEEEEAL well. I was livid. I was glad SOD did the same. 
    • Yep. Frank's got to keep his buddy on the show somehow. I'm just glad that a lot of people hated the Anna/Peter reveal. Even SOD panned it.
    • I definitely liked the later season. Once Clark started to work in Metropolis. And it felt like the writers had a clear direction of where they were going...if not the budget. The more they started to connect to his DC roots (which started with Season 5 and the reemgerence of ratings), the more people started to invest.    Let's just call it the Lois Effect.   I haven't seen 10 since it first aired. If 9 was the Season of Zod yes I loved how they set that so perfectly and I LOVED Alia. I liked 8 but again budget. lol. That finale was a letdown. 7 in hindsight  (other than 7.3 I did liked). 6 for the arrival of you know who...and a darker Lana (yes, I like her dark, not Mary Sue, and her scene with Lionel at the hospital was great).    Hmmmm...if I had to pick a favorite season I guess it would be 9, too. It was just soooo well done. 
    • Yep, if Anna had slept with Faison, he'd have never let her forget it
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