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    • I co-nominate Hope Williams (DAYS) and Laura Spencer (GH).  Both women were wild teens.  Laura was overwrought with emotion, she would have fainting spells when she found out that Leslie was her mother, and eventually she shot her mother's lover.  Hope was kissing older boys, she was horrible to Julie, and she had to be sent to boarding school because she was getting into so much trouble at home.  However, once they started dating the local bad boys in town (Luke and Bo respectively), they became damsels in distress, always in need of being saved from criminals, and frightened by the mere thought that their boyfriends would be exposed to danger.  It got to the point where these two tough teens both began to be referred to as "princess" by the beaus.  Although they both had a brief resurgence in the 90's when they founded their respective cosmetics companies, eventually they both subverted everything they always wanted as kids and became a sidekick to men who weren't nearly as complex or interesting, and would eventually abandon them.  If 15-year-old Hope or Laura were able to predict the future and see what their lives would be like living in tiny homes in the same town that they were raised, I bet both of them would have gagged. 
    • Big deal. Democrats always wet the bed and worry about everything. I am guardedly optimistic and remaining vigilant. 2016 scarred a lot of people, but I believe we're going to do well and no amount of concern trolling throws me.
    • Braunwyn bragging last year about her threesomes last year has come back to bite her in the ass. It makes the husband look extra creepy. His text to Gina wasn’t that bad but since Brauny announced that they are freaks everyone will assume he’s being flirty.  
    • I love how Lois figured out Clark was the blur. Its so in line with her. Yet Lana couldn't tell the difference between Clark and Bizarro 😂

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