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    • i double checked and it is in fact Patricia Bosworth in those two roles.
    • July 7 1995 Margaret Reed's final appearance as Shannon
    • @YRfan23 Do you have 2000-2001 episodes with Matt Clark/Carter Mills story line?
    • Yeah - I don't really know what the party is becoming...if not for places like this I'd feel completely adrift.    Anyway, Warren got the Des Moines Register endorsement. This is pretty big - or was in the past. We'll see if it affects the results.    https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/editorials/caucus/2020/01/26/elizabeth-warren-president-democrat-iowa-caucuses-des-moines-register-editorial-board-endorsement/4562157002/
    • PHILIP BRUNS   THE DOCTORS     Rabbi Lerber   "Today I Am A Man " 6/17/1963 THE SECRET STORM       Julius Klepner      Unknown Year MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN   George Shumway   1976-77 FOREVER FERNWOOD     George Shumway (pre-plastic surgery) 1977 RYAN'S HOPE    Mr. Schaeffer       1980 GENERAL HOSPITAL     Dr. Portchenko    1984 A YEAR IN THE LIFE       Bob McCrone     1987-88                   GERRY BAMMAN   ANOTHER WORLD       Officer Daniels     1980                                    Detective Collins     1982                              Lieutenant Andy Graham    1985 LOVING      Reverend Albert Ford      1991 SWAN'S CROSSING     Captain Elia Walker     1992     ONE LIFE TO LIVE        Albert West        1997                                 Mr. Walthrop    Unknown Year         best known as..... HOME ALONE (1990) AND HOME ALONE II (1992)   Uncle Frank McAllister             PATRICIA BOSWORTH   CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE   Cindy Clayton     1954-55 YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE        Fran Merrill   1959 THE HOUSE ON HIGH STREET   Unknown Role    1959 THE EDGE OF NIGHT    Lyn Wilkins Warren     1964     @Paul Raven, in the Modern Romances casts, you have a Patricia Boswell listed. Is that Patricia Bosworth?  If so,   MODERN ROMANCES    Unknown Role  "I'll Never Forget"  week of 7/9/1956                                 Unknown Role   "The Narrowing Doorway"  week of 12/9/1957   Due up tomorrow, many additional roles to be added. I dug into my AMC, GL, and OLTL stacks today.  I have a few pages of names, I'll include whichever aren't already posted.
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