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    • Those stranded rally attendees are the perfect metaphor (and perhaps a growing sign of what's to come?) for the relationship between Trump and his cult followers.  
    • idk if its just me, But has anyone else noticed Bryton seems to light up in his scenes with Amanda?. I seen a few comments that its like hes a different character when hes with her. so much more alive.
    • PHILLIPS H. LORD   RADIO   GANG BUSTERS       Narrator SETH PARKER        Seth Parker WE, THE PEOPLE      Narrator   Producer: BY KATHLEEN NORRIS DAVID HARDING, COUNTERSPY FIRST NIGHTER GANG BUSTERS       1942 MISTER DISTRICT ATTORNEY     1941;  1947 POLICEWOMAN SETH PARKER WE, THE PEOPLE   TELEVISION   GANG BUSTERS      Narrator     1952   movie WAY BACK HOME      Seth Parker      1931   Not to be confused with......       PHILIP LORD       RADIO   FLYING TIME        ____    Sprague GREAT GUMMS          Pop Gumm THE GUIDING LIGHT       Grandpa Ellis                                  Reverend Frank Tuttle KITTY FOYLE      Unknown Role KITTY KEENE, INCORPORATED    Jefferson Fowley LIGHTS OUT      Unknown Role THE STORY OF MARY MARLIN      Frazier Mitchell TOM MIX       Professor Wallace WAY DOWN HOME     Unknown Role WOMAN IN WHITE      Thomas Hawkins   TELEVISION   HAWKINS FALLS     Judge Sharp    1951-55                           BESS ARMSTRONG   LOVE OF LIFE          Betsy         Unknown Year MY SO-CALLED LIFE       Patty __   Chase     1994-95 ONE TREE HILL        Lydia ____ James     2004-10 occasional DROP DEAD DIVA        Rita Kaswell      2014   and......  ON OUR OWN        Julia Peters      1977-78 ALL IS FORGIVEN       Paula Winters Russell    1986 MARRIED PEOPLE         Elizabeth Meyers THAT WAS THEN     Mickey Glass      2002 HOUSE OF LIES       Julianne    Hotschragar    2013-14 CONVICTION      Harper Morrison    2016 SWITCHED AT BIRTH      Professor Beth Marillo    2015-17 S.W.A.T .    Mayor Barrett      2018-19 BOSCH       Judge Sobel    2019-20   movie JAWS 3-D      Kathryn Morgan    1983                       PAOLO ANDINO   ONE LIFE TO LIVE        Justice of the Peace     2010 DAYS OF OUR LIVES        Father Valerio          2015-16 JANE THE VIRGIN        Diego       2016   and..... THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW       Various      2008-10 THE LAST SHIP        Raif     2016 WHERE THE BEARS ARE        Damien Cassidy     2016                     ALEX  DARKE  GARCIA     BOSTON PUBLIC       Cal Porter     2001 AS THE WORLD TURNS      Max     2005 GENERAL HOSPITAL    Hospital Orderly    2006 ALL MY CHILDREN      Hammer     2010-11 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS     Detective Ronny Garcia     2012   BRINKRANT 616     Roger LaSTANCOME    2006-07  

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