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    • either come back or stay away. this is getting really boring.
    • Well, I hope they enjoy the 1.9s they'll be getting by next Christmas, because that's exactly where this is going.
    • Add me to one of the few who find Xander and Sarah one of the few bright spots on the show.    Has anyone noticed a slight improvement with the background music? 
    • I'm actually liking pre-Thorne Macy a lot... she has an edge that the show sadly softened later on.    One thing I will say I like about Bill Bell and the early years of Bold... is that he probably had intentions of pairing certain characters together.. but didn't telegraph it too much to the audience so when the characters did finally meet.. it made perfect sense.  He did that with Brooke/Ridge in the early episodes (they don't meet till episode 60.. but hints were dropped of her interest in his/Caroline's engagement.. but from an eager bystander pov).. and he does that with Macy/Thorne as well.  Developing Macy as a character first.. and getting Thorne to a point where it would make sense for the two to meet.   And I do like in the early season 3 episodes where Donna is in limbo with school, life, love.. and than she meets Macy.. thus starting her character's eventually next orbit (Spectra.. I think)
    • So Sad!   as a fan of Passions my heart goes out to her and her family, as well as her other soap families she produced. RIP! 
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