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    • From Venezuela 🇻🇪         
    • @Chris B I love how much you support that season! I feel the same way about certain other RH seasons out there (and @Antoyne I agree that every episode of OC this year was highly watchable and a fun ride -- the best of the last 4-5 seasons for me).   With regards Peggy/Lydia season, I have always been a Lydia fan and felt she should not have gone the first time after S8. However, I found it hard to connect with S12. I watched The Quiet Woman (EPIC episode), Iceland, and the overall-decent reunion episodes. Peggy's cancer story (which she clearly was still raw and processing) hit a bit too close to home at the time and one reason I pulled back from the show.   Another was Megan King Edmonds. Despite a good previous season, I found her to be a humorless snot this time around.   I also did not like the obvious way Tamra, Shannon and others were trying to ice Vicki out by not filming with her. I get why, but Shannon's dramatics  lol
    • Yes. That's his voice also, in the second clip, in the scene with Blaine
    • Is that the first adult Jamie (Tim Holcomb)? Never seen a pic before.
    • Audio clips from the first 90 minute episode, featuring that awesome fight between Mac and Rachel!
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