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    • I have a few treats to share!   January 31, 1986 Thank you to @ChickenNuggetz92 for helping do an audio swap on this.     October 10, 1995     Unfortunately I don't have October 11.  Two episodes were aired on October 12, 1995 to catch up due to preemptions:   Episode 1     Episode 2   October 13, 1995   October 16, 1995    
    • But they're providing more drama than the show these days.
    • I think Eric Trump made up a story about being spat on. The restaurant says that they didn't see the incident and there are no witnesses saying that it occurs. The Secret Service detained someone, but they could have done that based just on caution because he claimed someone spat on him. If it is truly I think he provoked the incident by trying to touch the woman or making an inappropriate comment. He isn't pressing charges which is surprising for someone from such a vindictive family.
    • I'm actually happy about this. Always thought she had the quality to become a Y&R classic heroine. She's beautiful and a good actress.
    • I think it was this one. I was already watching daytime but I wanted this because of 90210.  My mom never let me buy soap magazines.  I was sick and she felt bad so she ran back in and got it for me lol. Thanks mom.     I remember going to visit my dad (parents divorced) every weekend and making him take me to the candy store every time so I could buy the soap magazines and then I would read them in the car and ignore him. Ah, the pre-internet days.  
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