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    • Now if only Thiem would drop her too....lol
    • There you go! Somehow incapable of not calling names! Simply have to call me a nutcase no matter how calm & collected things are. A real shame.
    • Dedication      I dedicate this book to my beautiful mother, who was still fighting the good fight after the completion of this memoir, Mom, you lost that fight, but the presence of your indomitable spirit, love, and humor, will live in my heart forever. I know the trials and tribulations you endured both as a child and as a woman. This is because my entrance into this world, and the experiences of your life, were so akin, to and intertwined with yours. It created a very strong dynamic between the two of us, which throughout the years, often caused our relationship to be strained and contentious.      It took a long time for me to understand and accept the woman you were, only because it took me that long to understand and accept the woman I became, holding on to my fears for almost a lifetime. But it's not a cliche that it's the difficult times that makes us stronger and give us a clearer perception.      My perception of you in both our lives became quite clear, Mom. You loved me every secoind with every morsel of your being, and never wanted me to make the same mistakes you had. I finally recognize how hard you had to work in order to persevere and maintain your sense of dignity and grace through all your adversity. I have the deepest respect, admiration, and love for you Mother. You are and will always remain my champion. In Memory of Lora Morgan May 22, 2014
    • One nutcase has truly managed to ruin every single thread that she posts in. Sigh.
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