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    • If that is true about NBC that is crazy.  And anyone running the show would not agree.  Because she cost a fortune.  Corday gave her all the money to return to the show, which was in real trouble at the time.  I do not know what kind of contract she had by mid Reilly, but it had to be at least as good if not better after he had centered a huge portion of the show around her. I hate these network fools.  I was a teen back then, and I was way more invested in Marlena and Bo and Hope than I was Sami/Carrie/Lucas/Austin.  I enjoyed that quad too, but not as much as Bo and Hope.  
    • From Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪         
    • June 17, 1981   A Lovers'S Holiday (by Change) opens the episode as we find Joe and Heather at the Disco. Heather tells Joe that she appreciates the way that he treats her. Later, as New Toy (Lene Lovich) plays in the background Joe introduces Heather to Roger Martin (Deputy Martin, who spoke to Heather the night of the accident and Joe also spoke to on June 4), a cop buddy of his. Roger asks Heather to dance.   Slick arrives at Kelly's and tells Rose about how he was looking for the coat with a missing button in Scorpio's closet. Rose points out that the coat he is looking for is hanging on the coat rack right next to his! Slick examines the coat and Rose tells him that the coat has been hanging there for weeks. Slick convinces Rose to help him watch out for the owner of the coat.   Alex enters Laura's apartment and starts planting the Mink coat and plane tickets as part of her plan to frame her for embezzlement. She hides the plane tickets inside the back of a painting and the coat under the bed. Alex leaves the apartment but hears Mrs Wilson (Luke and Laura's landlady) yelling at an unseen Laura as she arrives home. Alex hides on the stairwell as Laura's landlady continues to yell at (the still unseen) Laura through the apartment door. "Welcome home Laura", Alex says.   Robert meets O'Reilly down by the docks where the Cassadine Yacht is moored. O'Reilly is fishing. O'Reilly tells Robert that somebody saw Laura get off the bus but there is still no sign of Luke. Soon afterwards, Robert talks to Tony and tells him that Laura is back in town and that she doesn't have the Ice Princess. Tony says that Laura could have taken it with her. Robert is unconvinced and adds that Luke doesn't have the statue either., telling him about how Slick was searching his apartment earlier. Tony doesn't believe him but Robert suggests that Alex has the statue and that Duval is in town. Robert and Tony continue to talk but then Alex rushes in all excited before stopping stone cold when she sees Robert.   At the Waterfront Clinic, Lesley and Bobbie see their last patient for the night. Bobbie and Lesley discuss how Rick has been running ragged between the hospital and the clinic. Bobbie asks Lesley if she knows what went on between Rick and Noah. Lesley tells Bobbie about the incident with Karen Banko (Benko?). Lesley mentions that she will be going to dinner with Rick. A grouchy Rick then comes in and asks why the clinic is still open.   Amy talks to Joe and Heather and says that Roger is a lousy dancer, even though Heather had said he was a good dancer. Amy and Joe bicker about cops being bad dancers, before Amy takes Heather off to the powder room. Once alone with Roger, Joe asks him if Heather was the nurse he saw on the night on the accident. Roger says that Heather could be the woman he thought was Shelly Vernon but that he can't be sure as her hair is different, saying that the way a woman wears her hair can make her look totally different. Roger reminds Joe that his partner got a better look at the woman but he is still on extended leave and can't be contacted. Roger remarks what a great dancer Heather is before leaving. Heather then returns and tells Joe that she has a terrible headache. Joe agrees to take her home.   Rose watches as a customer points out the coat to another customer, Buddy. Buddy briefly examines the coat before deciding that it's not his. The two leave. Rose tells Slick about the incident and that the coat business is making her feel nervous but Slick commends her for keeping an eye on the coat.   In front of Alex, Robert teases Tony about the actress he used to see (Tiffany Hill). Robert continues to tease Alex and Tony before Alex confirms that she and Tony are back together. Robert reminds Tony that Alex stole the statue off him and calls him a fool, angering Alex. Robert tells Alex to back off, saying he's not above hitting a woman. Robert calls Tony one of Alex's good time boys.   Rick wants Lesley and Bobbie to speed things up at the clinic so he can go home. Lesley reminds him that it has been a long day at the clinic and that Bobbie has volunteered her time. Rick apologises to Bobbie for being grouchy, explaining that it's been one of those days where everything has gone wrong. A playful Lesley chews on a pen while teasing Rick, saying they should never put their burdens onto other people. Rick brings up Jacob's Law: "To err is human - and to blame that error on someone else is even more". Lesley retorts by bringing up Kovac's conundrum: "When you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal", prompting giggles from Bobbie. Just then Noah arrives. Rick is surprised that Noah didn't get their earlier, saying that he left work half an hour earlier. Noah says that he finished his rounds, but Rick says there was a big traffic accident about three minutes after he left and that they needed his help. Rick adds that a water pipe also burst in a supply room and that the staff had to rescue supplies. Noah says that Rick has some kind of chip on his shoulder and tells Rick to get off his case. Rick orders Noah to leave his clinic and not to finish work until 3:30.   Robert says that he thinks Duval has the statue but Alex says that he doesn't. Robert calls Alex a snake and suggests that Alex is buying Duval time to escape, only to stick Duval in the back like she has been with Tony. Alex responds by telling Tony that Robert is trying to twist their love into something sick. "When I think of your love for one another I need a heart transplant!" Robert retorts. Robert also points out that Tony will end up walking off into the sunset with his actress friend and have the last laugh.   Joe has walked Heather back to her room at Kelly's. Heather tells Joe that she hopes that he really likes her. Joe claims that he's not pretending and that he really likes her. Heather embraces Joe and gives him a quick peck, but sensing his hesitancy, she backs off and bids him goodnight. Downstairs, Slick reminds Rose to keep her eyes on the coat before leaving. Joe comes down and Rose offers him a cup of coffee. Burt arrives, so Joe tells her that he took Heather to the disco but Deputy Martin couldn't identify Heather. Burt suggests that even if they do prove that Heather killed Diana, then Heather could get off claiming insanity.   Rick declines Lesley's invitation to dinner. Lesley tells Rick that he was hard on Noah but Rick disagrees. Lesley says that they can't expect Noah to feel the same way they do, at least not yet, but Rick says that he can't believe Noah went though with his residency with his attitude. Lesley says that the part of Rick she saw tonight was the part that destroyed their marriage. Lesley says that Rick shouldn't demand more of people than they are able to give. "We are after all, only human," Lesley says. "Even you".   Alex gives Tony an ultimatum about whether to trust her or Robert. "I know my instincts Alex," Tony says. "I know diamonds blind and dazzle. We all have to be very careful. To be dazzled is marvellous, to be blinded to the truth is very dangerous. I will not be blinded. I trust you both. My decision is to follow Luke Spencer."   ---   June 18, 1981   The episode begins in the early morning.   At the Mission, Luke is using the printing press again while the rest are singing "Bringing in the sheaves". Later Slick arrives. Luke reiterates that Slick is not to tell Laura where he is. Slick gives Luke a message from Laura - "She wants to know if you need her", Slick says. Luke gives Slick a note to give to Laura.   In Prison, Hutch plays on his guitar before pulling a wire off his bed and hiding it in his jeans pocket. Meanwhile Big Ralph gives Toby the shiv and tells him that tonight is the night. With Toby still hesitant, Big Ralph suggests that he put Hutch at ease before doing the deed. When Toby mentions that he has a parole hearing coming up in six months, Big Ralph says he will guarantee that Toby's last six months in the joint will be very comfortable. Big Ralph suggests that Toby volunteer to stand guard of Hutch while he sleeps. Later, Toby speaks to Hutch and offers to watch over Hutch as he sleeps.   Alex updates Edward that she successfully planted the items in Laura's apartment, and that Laura has returned. She doesn't tell Edward about her run in with Tony and Robert though. Alan arrives home and mentions the traffic accident (the one Rick was arguing with Noah about in the previous episode) and that Monica is still at the hospital. After Alex goes upstairs, Alan phones Susan to tell her that he is on his way. Edward overhears and chides him, warning him that Monica will be hot on his tail.   Georgia tells Anne that things are under control in the supply room and that all of the accident victims are out of OR with no fatalities. Audrey arrives (briefly mentioning that Steve is now at a medical convention and that their plans to go away on vacation went out the window) and Georgia allows her to take Anne off to dinner. Meanwhile Monica tells Gail about what happened at the disco. Monica says that she thinks that Alan was going to tell her everything but that Edward stopped him. Monica tells Gail that she reckons the Quartermaines approve of that sort of thing, so she's hired a detective to investigate.   Slick visits Laura and passes the letter Luke wrote for her. Slick refuses to take Laura to Luke. Laura says that she is going to marry Luke and doesn't care if it is dangerous. Laura puts on her Lucy Johnson wig but Slick still refuses to take her to Luke. Laura turns on the (fake) tears to convince Slick to take her to Luke. Slick checks to see if the coast is clear but unbeknownst to him, Alex was hiding on the staircase and follows them out.   Alan explains to Susan why he changed his mind about telling Monica. Susan says that he did the right thing and that she was worried that she'd never see him again. Alan and Susan both figure out that Monica's next move will be to hire a detective and that they won't be able to see or call each other for a while. The two passionately kiss each other goodbye.   Anne, Audrey and Jeremy arrive at Kelly's. Jeremy is despondent after losing a baseball game. Rose offers Jeremy some dessert. Jeremy notices the coat and when Rose says that she doesn't know who the owner is, Jeremy offers to help figure it out for her. Jeremy notes that the owner of the coat is not a smoker (since there's no smoke smell) and that the coat smells of a cheap women's perfume. Jeremy also tries on the coat and notes that it doesn't belong to skinny person.   Hutch talks to Toby, mentioning Luke and Laura. Hutch says that he never knew how good it could be - changing - and asks Toby to tell Luke and Laura that he doesn't regret anything. As Hutch appears to drift off to sleep, Toby prepares to make his move and looks set to plunge the shiv into Hutch when Hutch opens his eyes. "You can't do it man", Hutch says, "I've been there, not even I could do it to a friend anymore".   Slick takes Laura to the mission where (after nearly six weeks) Luke and Laura are finally reunited. Luke, while being thrilled to be with Laura again, is at the same time not happy that Slick and Laura are there. Laura stands her ground and convinces Luke to take her to the mission dormitory so he can tell her the truth. Upstairs, Laura tells Luke that Beechers Corners wasn't the same without him and Luke says that it wasn't the same for him when he went back there either. Luke also mentions the graffiti on his wall. Luke then explains that he didn't steal the statue and that Tony Castle is Tony Cassadine and that while he is not a threat to Lesley, he could be a threat to them. Luke also explains that the Ice Princess is the largest diamond in the world. Laura tells Luke about Kurt Wheeler, that Wheeler's real name is James Duval and that he has been holed up in an apartment for months, claiming to be doing research for ELQ but without having any lab equipment. Luke asks Laura to find out more about Alex and Duval and says that their future depends on getting hold of the Ice Princess. Slick interrupts them and Luke escorts Slick and Laura out. Luke and Laura share a fond farewell outside before Slick and Laura leave. They remain unaware that Alex followed Slick and Laura to the mission and has been lurking outside the whole time. After Luke heads back inside the mission, Alex follows him...  
    • And so with the return of Desi and Leanne in the same episode, Damo now finds himself in a love triangle.   Tbh he's better off alone as both pairings have been ruined:   Leanne, when she ran off with her baby daddy and didn't bother to come back when Damo was shot and needed a liver   Desi, when she slept with half of L.A while visiting her daughter.    
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