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      General Hospital September 2021 Discussion Thread

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      Classic GH Thread

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      Continuity Errors in Soaps

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      "Secret Storm" memories.

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      "Secret Storm" memories.

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    • ChitHappens

      Kelly Price reported missing on the day her new album was supposed to drop?  Nothing fishy here.  

      · 2 replies
    • Vee

      Ever feel like you're watching a one-man puppet show?
      · 1 reply
    • BetterForgotten

      The longevity Jean Smart has had in her career is always great to see. So many varied roles that keep coming, and I always felt she was the glue in the original Designing Women ensemble. 
      · 7 replies
    • Taoboi

      Oooooh so this is the whole scene that Eileen won the award for.
      Woooow. The layers being brought, the history on display, and just the turn of phrases and run of emotions she can switch through on a dime and it all feels organic.
      Just some excellent acting. Not to mention great scene partners to boot. 
      · 1 reply
    • Vee

      If y'all know you know on Midnight Mass. I saw the hints and thought they were just homages. As a looooongtime Stephen King fanatic I should've seen it all coming by episode 3!
      · 0 replies
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